Smokehouse plans, photos

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Original poster
Sep 10, 2006
Ksiaz Wielki
I 'd like to say, that recently I've discovered that smoking is the best way to relax and the food is great. So I've decided to built smokehouse. I have stones and other materials but the problem is that I have no idea how to built, what I need etc. I heard that thermometer is important and that's my all knowledge. So could U help me ppl? Some links to plans, theory and the most important thing: smokehouse photos, galleries and other stuff.

Best regards from Poland,

Sorry for my language:(

First I must say that your English is fine! Relax! You are doing very much better at English than I could do at Polish!

I must you want to build a smokehouse for a lot of meat? Do you want to smoke meat for preserving or for eating right away? Will you be smoking just for your family or for much larger groups of people?

Thank you for joining our forum! Please find the section "Roll Call" and tell us a little bit about yourself! We are a friendly place and full of information. Once we know what you are really needing we can all help!

I don't know what I'll be doing with this;) I'd like to ask you ppl to send me links with smokehouses photos. Only this 'cause I'd like to built sth special, original. Capiche? :P

There is a link on the home page of this forum for a smokehoiuse. Have you seen it?


On the left side of this screen toward the top you will see a box with titles and links in red letters. There is a link to smokehouses. Click on it and follow it. Give it a few minutes to load.


probably I'm blind but I don't see any photos or galleries with smokehouses:/ please paste right link in this topic;)
Y'know, Illini, I've been wondering, too! How many Polish folks use Italian words? Ponczo (pronounced "poncho") used the word, "capiche" in an earlier post. Hmmmnnnn! I think I do understand!

It looks like an internet search is in order. If you can find it can narrow down which style of smoking (cold smoke vs. hot smoke) you plan on doing will help to determine the type of smoker to build. is reader supported and as an Amazon Associate, we may earn commissions from qualifying purchases.

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