Smokefest 2008

Discussion in 'Pork' started by alamar, Aug 31, 2008.

  1. OK Smokefest 2008 is underway. I have 12# of pigsickles (ribs) being lightly kissed by TBS as I write this. I have a bacon, onion, mushroom and provolone fatty ready to go for later. I will also be doing up a big batch of beans.

    Tomorrow I will be doing just under 14 pounds of butts for pulled pork sandwiches. I was going to do some itialian and polish sausages but have to do a brake job while waiting.

    Maybe next year I will do even more. Q-view to follow shortly.
  2. OK the ribs are wrapped and the fatties are on. Sorry no q-view as my daughter took the camera to the State Fair. I will post pics of the pork butts tomorrow.

    I smoked the ribs with hickory and apple and used Southern Comfort and Apple Juice as the mop. Got some nice pull back on the ends so things are looking good.
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    well, sounds like fun..forget the brakes do the meat..who needs stinking breaks any

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