smoked turkey legs

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Jun 7, 2006
Valley Forge, PA
I haven't seen any posts here about turkey legs. Last time we went to Disney they sold them at a couple different parks and people just walked around eating them like cavemen. I think I would like to try some, I was just wondering if anyone had ever tried them...

I've smoked them along with the rest of a turkey. They come out good then. I've seen thecounty fair turkey legs before and it should be no problem making them on your smoker. Don't know about PA, but in LA you can buy any part of a turkey you want individually.
I tried to find the recipe or at least a "mock" recipe for Disney's Turkey Legs and was unsuccessful. However, since I've never had them, I don't know if mind were as good or better. :lol:

These were brined overnight and smoked to 175*.
Your's look about the same only a little lighter in color. The one's I remember look like they have been smoked HARD.
Scott, I'm thinking with a six hour run in the smoker, the meat should just about fall of the leg bone.
yo shellbellc,
turkey legs --that are about a lb. each--
are one of my favorites.

the really big legs take to long for me.

i rub mortons tender quik or sugar cure on legs.

at 1 tbs per lb..
put in fridge for 2 hrs.....
rinse off excess ...
pat dry'.........

then into the smoker.

i like hickory chips with turkey or pork.

grabbing that leg by the bone...
while eating outside......
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