Smoked turkey breast and wicked baked beans

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Jun 14, 2006
First I coated with EVOO and rubbed with Tone's Cajun Seasoning. I had the idea to use the skin that comes with this as kind of a protector, so after coating the turkey I wrapped the skin back around and secured it with tooth pics...
I threw the turkey on the smoker. Then I got Dutch's wicked baked beans ready. I was making them kid friendly, so the weren't too wicked, but they had alittle zip. I used a big 117 oz can of Bush's beans I got from Sam's club. so I added more of everything in the recipe. I didn't add a bell pepper or the jalapeno's or mustard sauce. I did add about a pound of slab bacon and I added a can of rotel for a little zip...
I was planning on spraying the turkey every hour or so with apple juice. The only thing I didn't have for the baked beans was brown sugar. I decided I would run out to get it, then as soon as I got back I would spray the first time with apple juice.

I went to the store, got the brown sugar, came back out to start my wifes car and the starter laughed at me a little bit then died :evil:

I called a few people for a ride, couldn't get a hold of anyone, so I ended up walking about a mile and a half to my father-in-laws and luckily he was home. He drove me back down, we decided yeah, it had to be the starter, and he gave me a ride home.

No pictures of that one :D
Came right out to the smoker and it was at 165. Talk about timing, that is right where I wanted to pull it. But I never got to spray it with apple juice. I think that made a big difference. It was definitely good but it was no where near as juicy or tender as the first one I made. Plus I think it cooked faster as I never took the lid off, etc.

All in all it was a good meal. My wife made some cheesey rice with peas to go a long with the baked beans. I would say the real star of the meal was Dutch's beans. They were excellent!!! I took some to my In-Laws and they raved about them also. You pretty much can't go wrong with them.

I was a little disappointed in the turkey like I said, but next time I will definitely be spraying with apple juice. I think that definitely makes a big difference.

I guess sometimes life just get's in the way of a good smoke. I think the smoke gods were just trying to keep me in line a little bit :D
Doug, nice job . the food porn is killing me .. great color .. looks real good .. I am envious .. did you ever get the brown sugar for the beans? The Boston Baked beans I made <posted in the beef forum> were homemade .. had to soak the beans and all.. they were great.

Doug that looks like good turkey to me. :D It looks juicier than mine ever have :!:

Maybe all the drama just kind of made it not taste so good.

By the way, did you get the brown sugar?

edit: Joe, what kind of beans were those, Great Northern or Navy?
Thanks guys.

Gremlin- No, it is just the wal-mart brand for velveeta. I think she just made rice and peas and melted the cheese and mixed it together. It was good.

Joe and Rodger, yes I got the brown sugar :D

I mixed in about a cup and a half. Dutch's recipe measurements are more realistic. I got one of those cans of beans about the size of a snare drum :D They were excellent but I had enough to feed an army. Plus I did them in a crock pot for convenience so they didn't have any smoke flavor. I'm sure that makes them even better.

No, the turkey was definiely more dry than the first one I did. I thought so right away and my wife and daughter said the same thing. Also, I loaded the cajun seasoning on, because the apple juice usually washes it off, dulls it, etc. But since I didn't spray with the apple juice it was a little overpowering. Good, just not as good as it could have been.

The first time I did this I used the apple juice, plus, I don't think I took the turkey out of the freezer until the night before so it was still a little frozen. I defrosted it in the microwave, and I think it was still a little icy in the center when I put it on the smoker. This time I followed the directions and had it in the frig for 36 hours before I smoked it. It was definitely thawed all the way.

So I guess those are all factors I'll have to think about next time I make one. Rule #1 will be to make sure I have all ingredients before I fire up the smoker :)
Whoa Doug,

In all this about the car and the dry turkey and all that I almost forgot, how did you like the plum wood :!: :?: :!:
I kind of forgot about that too :D

I didn't have any complaints, but to be honest, I'm not sure if I could taste anything. It was really faint.

Maybe the cajun seasoning took over but I would have liked to have a piece with no smoke to see if I could tell the difference.

To be honest, the only thing I've smoked that I knew for sure had smoke flavor was the leg of lamb I did with hickory.

Pretty sure I get more flavor with cherry too, but I could taste that hickory a mile away.
Yeah Hickory is pretty hard to ignore. :D

Have you tried any pecan? I've been mixing 2 chunks of cherry with 4 chunks of pecan and it has been pretty good. Actually its been real good. 8)
No, I haven't had my hands on any pecan yet. I want to try that next time I need wood..

Right now I have apple, cherry, maple, plum, hickory and mesquite.

Have you ever mixed cherry and hickory? I might try that.

I want to try another leg of lamb with maple. I hear that is good.
I tried cherry and hicory and the hickory seems to over power the cherry. The pecan is just a little bit more subtle than the hickory. It seems to mesh with the cherry real well. is reader supported and as an Amazon Associate, we may earn commissions from qualifying purchases.

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