Smoked Salami

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kevin pitzer

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Dec 3, 2015
Hello - My dad has always made a Salami recipe shown below, however I want to remove the liquid smoke and place on my WSM. My only concern is I have never done Salami so I am uncertain on the temp, amount of tennis balls sized wood and! timing. My dad is willing to pay for the 10lbs of meat and ingredients and I don't want to spoil to cook. Any suggestions/guidance would be greatly appreciated

FYI please disregard the salt....I know it is incorrect.

Yep.... as for the recipe if you google mortons salami recipe it looks like the one you have. Smoke at 120 ish and bump temps up 10 degrees every hr until u hit 180. Smoke till internal temp reaches 160. Cool in cold water bath and set in fridg overnight
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