Smoked/Roasted Garlic?

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Yes , quite a few of us have tried it and it is great!!!! Try it, if you like roasted garlic you'll love it!!
Yeah...I didn't think I was reinventing the wheel. :) I'm new to smoking so I'm sure I'll have a lot of "novel" ideas in the coming months.
Never any harm in asking Jord. That's what I love about this forum!!!!!!
Jord -

If you do try it ... better get a ton of of garlic you'll really love it!

Break up the cloves and peel most of the skin off but leave the last layer. Rub it with a bit of olive oil and smoke it unti it feels squishy soft. When it's done you can just squeeze it out like a grape! YUMMY!
i just did some today.... very tasty

i cut as close to the top of bulb as i can, surround the bulb in tinfoil, fresh black pepper, sea salt, EVOO

Now put that on a hunk of Italian bread spread with EVOO and basil (or butter for the non Italians)- toast it lightly and you got the best garlic bread you've ever eatten!

I like to pour a few cups of EVOO and mix in a bunch of garlic paste and basil and it's ready for anything you cook!
i like it just spread on bread, i like it with butter, i like eating it by

roasted garlic always goes into my mashed potatoes,

next time you make some chili, mush some up in your bowl... garlic goes with everything is reader supported and as an Amazon Associate, we may earn commissions from qualifying purchases.

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