Smoked Ribeye w/ Reverse Sear and Smoked Tri-Colored Peppers *Q-View*

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Oct 1, 2010
Frankfort, IL
Last night, I didn't have much time as I have to be on a plane in a few hours this morning, so I didn't want to do a big smoke, but at least wanted to smoke something. I have to say, this could not have come out more perfect!

Smoked Ribeye w/ Reverse Sear and Smoked Tri-Color Peppers

First, the Rub, which I came up with on the fly, pretty basic:

1/4 Cup Salt Free Chili Powder

2 tsp Hungarian Paprika

1 tsp Cayenne

1/2 tsp Ground White Pepper

1/2 tsp garlic powder

1/2 tsp Onion Powder

1/2 tsp Salt (leave out if using chili powder with salt)

Rub the meat thoroughly, and wrap tightly in plastic wrap. Put in fridge for an hour to let the spices penetrate the meat.

Get the smoker fired up to 225*, and use a combination of Hickory and Peach (or other fruitwood like apple if you don't have peach)

While the smoker is settling down, slice three bell peppers of various colors in half, and seed and rinse. I chose red, yellow, and green.

Place the ribeye and peppers on the grate, and set a timer for 45min. At the end of the 45 min, my ribeye was at 120*. PERFECT!

About 15 min before the timer is up, fire up a gas grill or charcoal grill to about 550*.

Remove peppers and ribeye from smoker once timer has gone off, and sear both peppers and ribeye quickly (1-2 min per side; time will vary with temperature of grill). My ribeye was 138* when I finished the sear. Double wrap the ribeye in foil, and allow to rest at least 15 min. My temperature climbed to 144* during the rest, a perfect medium rare.

Serve the Ribeye with one of each color Peppers...and some of the wifes mashed taters (or any other side).

Rubbed, wrapped, and into the fridge

About ready to go on the smoker. A piece of fat fell off the side, so I threw it on top for flavor.

Yeah, that's what I was waiting for!!

Finished Smoking

After the sear

Plated, and ready to serve

Slice to show doneness

Thanks for Looking!

Now that looks awesome to me here too.
There are chefs everywhere jealous from your perfectly cooked steak right now! 

That color was so beautiful I almost shed a tear...

Thanks for sharing!
Thanks everyone, I can't wait to make this again. I might do 10 of them and Vacseal for a quick, delicious dinner.
Thanks! Your technique sounds so fool-proof, I have to try it.  With our crazy NW weather, it's good to have a "quick" cooking options, for when the rain takes a break.
Thanks for sharing the information and the Q View too. I know it was great tasting, I've used that method with bone-in chicken breast. It's all good my friend.
[quote name="smokinstevo27" url="/forum/thread/100343/smoked-ribeye-w-reverse-sear-and-smoked-tri-colored-peppers-q-view#post_561192"]
good lookin steak, is the taste of peach compareable to apple? as mild?

Yes, definitely mild, but sweeter than apple. I burned a little first to check and the smoke from the peach smells so sweet.
PB, That is absolutely Perfect! 
  Done just the way I like it !

Very similar to the one I did a couple weeks ago, but your's is thicker---I gotta get them thicker!

Your peppers look awesome too!!!

Beautiful Plate!

Thanks for the view,

Great technique!  I've done basically the same thing with a precook in an immersion circulator bath then finish on grill.  I suspect the smoker adds a bit more flavor than the vacuum bag! Bravo! is reader supported and as an Amazon Associate, we may earn commissions from qualifying purchases.

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