smoked pork carne guisada

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O.K., i'll bite..............but you have to put it in printable form!!
Just kidding
Hey Gyspy ole buddy ole pal ...

that looks good can you post it for us? Are those tortias or bread or what on the side?
that was a crispy flour tortilla. and yes i'll post the recipe here.
smoke & slice a good shoulder (then cube it)
add 4-6 cloves smoked garlic
add 1 cup water per 1.5 lbs of meat & simmer about 2 hrs to make an au jus.
bring to a boil & add the fiesta carne guisada spice as directed (like i ever follow directs) about a 1/4 cup to 2 cups cold water & stir in.
turn off heat when it thickens.
serve (or i serve the next day).
it also goes great in a tortilla w/ scrambled eggs & shreddeed cheddar.
it's in a bottle ( i can tell ya how to do homemade) but their's is great. ships from san antonio- while yer @ it get the fajita spice & uncle chris' steak spice- blend those 2 w/ yer garlic paste & worchy,balsamic, & beer for awesome ribeyes... i guarantee- you will use the fajita spice on any meat ya will ever cook again- from a 4 oz bottle to a 5lb can.
Gee I'll check it out. I'm kind of partcial to doing it from scratch but I did try one or two premixed spice packs that weren't to bad. I kind of grew up thinking anything from a package had to be bad, but I guess they've come a long way since then - even cakes are edible from a box today! Go figure?
they been around a long time & everyone here from texas will vouch for the brand- but if ya want from scratch- i can do that.
4-6 cloves squished smoked garlic
1/4 diced yellow onion ( per 4lbs of meat)
4 -6 tbsp comino(cumin fer the yankees)
1 tsp thyme
1 tsp sage
1 tsp black pepper
1 leaf cilantro
maybe 1/4 can rotels
1 dash or pour of beer(n texas budlight or miller light)
i never cook w/ salt so add as ya like to yer plate.
5 tbsp corn starxh to 1 -2 cups COLD(has to be cold ) water or it gets chalky & bitter.
same as the fiesta recipe.- stir into boiling until thickened & remove from heat- cover chill & serve the next day.
Thanks Gypsy I's gong to try this soon as I find rotels I have everything else. I think I asked this before but I forgot (CRS ya know) what are rotels again?
paging chris harper ( or any other texans) fiesta spices ??? is it a yah or ney ??? i am a dist for this co (well i will be shortly) - this ain't like weber or etc- this co. has great products & family owned & controlled fron san antonio, texas- i (and many other texans) highly recommend them. i'll give ya a best of your life secret marinae w/ their stuff & my mods.
It's a BIG YAH for me. I use it on everything I smoke. It's caked on the brisket thats on my smoker right now.
Hopefully it will be done before lunch tomorrow.
Oh, thanks for the recipe. I copied it too.
OK..I got the wild hair and made something similar to this just now.. I kind of used what I had.

I had some smoked pulled pork in the freezer. Added water, garlic, onion, thyme, sage, pepper, salt, cumin, green chilies, 2 jalapeno's, 1 large fresh tomato..

It's simmering..We'll see how it turns out.. Can't be too bad...

Edited because I just tasted it and even though it's only been on maybe 1/2 hour, it's awesome. Can't wait for the finished product..

Should I take pics?
OK.. The stuff I made probably isn't what your's tasts like, but pretty darn close. This stuff ROCKS! It's a bit too loose for me right now to add to burritos or taco's so I'm going to let it continue to simmer. I used a flour slurry rather than corn starch to thicken it up. I find that corn starch breaks down and doesn't stay thick unless you're eating it right away.

Thanks gypseyseagod for the idea... I now have dinner (You know, you yankees call dinner lunch).. Maybe even supper (You know, dinner for you yankees).. Oh wait, wife has ribeye steaks for supper... Nevermind
Redneck -

The first time I heard anyone call dinner lunch was in the Navy. We always had breakfast dinner and supper in my house!

Gypsy -

Have to ever tried putting this stuff in a potpie? Looks like it's be a nice and spicy meat and gravy base.

Oh just a thought. I've kind of gotten away from using flour and corn starch as a thickener for meat gravys. I was cooking at my sisters one night (she's NOT a DIY cook) and she didn't have flour or corn strach so I threw in instant powdered potatoes and it was really good. So now I buy Instant potatoes for gravys and it adds a nice taste too.
Since I used pulled pork, it's more stringy meat rather than staying in chunks.

Idea: Tamale pot pie.. Make a dough similar to tamale dough using masa harina, manteca, salt and water.. Flatten it out like a tortilla and put it in a shell with the same thing on top...hmmmm I like it..
Well, since I AM a yankee, the first time I ever heard lunch called dinner was at church from a Southern Baptist preacher. I thought he was just being weird. He also said his wife was "puney" when she was feeling ill.. You backwoods folks sure talk weird..
i use fiesta brand spices all the time. most of my spices in my rack are fiesta brand. i try to buy everything in that brand. some things they don't have though, at least in my local stores. then i will buy another brand. is reader supported and as an Amazon Associate, we may earn commissions from qualifying purchases.

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