Smoked Pizza Anyone ?

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t-bone tim

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Feb 24, 2007
N.B. Canada
Well...seen a few talk about it ,so thought I might give it a try ? ....had the MES all fired up doing some baby backs and ABT'S why not !
I made up the pizza using the dough ...pepperoni,homemade bacon,burger,onions,green peppers,mushrooms and sauce...
I used 2 disposable racks ( although they can be used several times first )from Canadian tire ,to put the pizza on.I placed a layer of wax paper sprayed with pam and a little flour on it ,on top of the grates.
I put them on the bottom 2 shelves of the smoker....and smoked with hickory at a setting of took about 1 hr and 15 min...( without peeking ) for it to cook.
The crust turned out well and everything cooked evenly,not overly smokey...I would have preferred more smokey flavor ,but the others that tried it thought it was quite good.
I suspect if doing this on a smoker capable of higher temps,the cook time could be cut down significantly....
I would chalk this up to a SUCCESS , I M O



They look great. I've grilled quite a few pizzas but have never smoked any. I'll have to add that to the "To Smoke" list!
Yeah Debi pushed me over the edge...had to try it
2 empty racks in the MES ....think next time I 'll cut down the temp to allow more time ,therefore more smoke flavor far as the dough ( flour ) I used plain ole frozen bread dough ....I'm glad I tried it !!!
Hey Jord ....I did do some homemade donair meat ....and I live on the east coast of Canada as well ....turned out well ...I will look up n post the recipes for the sauce and meat ....workin on a sausage stuffed with donair meat ,jalapeno peppers and cheese to be smoked ...will post results , Tim.
Nice lookin' Pizza's there Tim!
Makin' me hungry for one now at 8 a.m. no less!
By the way Pulled pork on a pizza is very yummy.
I tried it on a doctored up frozen pizza.
Was just thinking about how I would do one last night and then I read about yours this morning

I was thinking initially, to use a higher heat, which would create a lot of smoke I think.
Anyway, should be fun to experiment with.
I always have a empty rack. Now I'll have something to eat while I'm waitng the rest of the 4 or 5 hours for the other meaty things to get done. Ya'll are tooo much. I look forward to seeing what ya'll are going to smoke next. BTW I just did some ABT's Man dem things are good. I thought all the heat would be gone , so I gave one to my wife. I LOVE hot stuff, my my wife, NOT!!! LMAO!!! Thanks guy's & Gals.
Smokin ...tried to get my wife to try the abt's....wouldn't even take a's okay though ,more for me
......must try the pulled pork for a topping next time that will be good
Deejay ...already have done it a previous post ! and you're RIGHT .....yummy ...I luv it ....problem is so does everyone else
lol....the guy's at work are all convinced they need a smoker
....I will share until then ....then it's their turn
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