smoked pig

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Nov 22, 2006
Haltom City Tx
Just wanted to show everyone how my pig turned out. I smoked it for 14 hours at 230 degrees using pecan wood and spraying it down with apple juice about every hour. Pulled it off when temp was 165 degrees. Sure was good eating.
Are tou sure you didn't do a turkey? That's about the only thing I can make out in the picture. Oh, I think I just spotted the tail. And your wife let you put it on the tablecloth? It must of been fantastic!!!

All kidding aside, what size did you start out with on the pig?

It looks either like a smoked pig or a pig with a great tan that was playing ball in the sun too long and is pooped out. The bandana made me think it was playing in the sun too long. In any case, nice job and thanks for sharing the pics.

Thanks for the replys, the pig was 72lbs and my wife just goes along with me but sure gives me that look from time to time.
Pecan is a great wood to smoke with. To me it's similar to hickory but not quite as strong. If the price is right, my advise is to load up. I think you'll enjoy the results.
I like using pecan wood because it gives the meat a little bit of a sweet taste. I dont like mesquite because to me it has a bitter taste and burns to hot. I usually cut my own wood but sometimes I have to buy it. around here a cord usually goes for $ 160.00 and will last ouite a while.
Hey Y'all.
We'll be smoking a suckiling pig this coming Sunday. I'm trying to find get temps and times. I don't know the weight of the piggy yet. 14 hours at 230 degrees; that is the first 'recipe' I've seen yet. Not a lot information out there about whole hogs. Any other tips?
Suckling pig is going to be small, probably 35 lbs or less. It also is going to be very tender from the get go. Don't overdo it. Keep the temp low and check the doneness frequently.

Are you cooking this in that great big Whole Food smoker you were talking about?
It might be small. I'm going to see if I can get 100 pound teen-ager. Otherwise I might do 2. Ya, it's going to be in the big ole smoker. Our first time firing it will be this Friday for a test run then we have a big store meeting (we have about 450 employees) on this Sunday which is what we are doing the pig for. Opening day will be Wednesday. I've got some photos of the retail side but didn't get any of the smoker yet. I'll post some this weekend.
What do you think about brining the pig?
WholeSmoker I have smoked some wild hogs before,of course they were skinned and the and the spices soaked in good. This pig was not skinned and I didnt think the spices soaked in enough. I started to soak it in apple juice for around 6 hrs and wish that I did. I also think that injecting would have helped a lot, thats what I plan to do next time. Just be careful when soaking in apple juice if it stays to long the acid in the juice will start to cook the meat. I rubbed the pig with oil then coated it with several diffrent spices, put it on the smoker with the head pointing to the firebox end at first. ( Dont forget the apple in its mouth) Every hr I sprayed with apple juice and at the halfway of the cook I turned the pig around, I did flip it a couple of times during the cook. I kept the smoker temp around 230- 240*, I pulled it at 165* internal and covered with foil and a blanket for 2 hrs. Dont get me wrong it was good but I feel it could have been better.
Hope this helps you out a little and good luck lets see some pics. is reader supported and as an Amazon Associate, we may earn commissions from qualifying purchases.

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