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Smoke Whisperer
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Jun 28, 2005
Tulsa, OK
Well folks.. it was destined to happen!

I awoke Friday morning to a computer that looked like it was ready for the trash pile.

Apparently my hard drive gave up the ghost sometime during the night and without any warning.

I am still trying to harvest some of my most recent data but it may be a lost cause.

Anyway... the newsletter is late and I am just now getting back online on my new 160 Gb harddrive.

For those of you who have been emailing me... I will get back with you as soon as possible.

I have several hundred emails to catch up on not to mention the new ones coming in every few minutes.

Looks like the newsletter will be postponed for a few days but I am shooting for getting it out before the end of the month.

Presently my old hard drive is in the freezer for a few days... literally. Supposedly it makes the metal contract and has a high success rate of fixing mechanical failures caused by stuck parts.

It sounded weird but hey, at this point, I figure I have nothing to lose

Open for more tips in case the freezer trick don't work.
umm jeff sorry for the news but seems to me anything w/ a chipboard & even freezer condensate- they no worky like that- water & solder- no bueno. just don't get a new 1 w/ vista- but ya prolly already know that.
I wish you the best of luck, been there done that. i have 2 drives and backup software that on a daily basis copies all my data from c: to D: I used to have the programs save data to the D: but one time the D: went out. That's why I let the programs save to C: and then let the backup put it on the D: I don't think that both drives would fail at the same time.
Gee, Boss that is a heck of a thing to wake up to. If it makes ya feel better, you can combine the July and August Newsletter and call it your special "Summer Edition". Just explain that you've had a 'puter glitch, if they can't handle that, well then they can just suck on some auto exhaust instead of the sweet thin blue flowing from their smokers!!

You don't think that Abby sabotauged your 'puter for threatening to ground her do ya??? Naw, she's too sweet the think of doing some THAT low. . .
Jeff, you work hard for all of us, don't worry about the newsletter and
make it harder on yourself. We'll get when we get it and that's OK
Sorry to hear about your laptop... one question though... did you rub it with your rub before you smoked it?

Butt seriously, I've never heard of the freezer Gypsy said, I'd be afraid of the condensation build up. Water and electronics never get along...
Well... I thought long and hard about the condensation issue and ended up placing the harddrive inside of a ziploc baggie with all of the air pressed out of it.

The harddrive is inside of a closed "sled" or adapter which will allow me to immediately hook it to the usb port as soon as I remove it from the freezer.

Everyone cross your fingers
Jeff some of the times the freezer trick will work. Just remember to get the data off as fast as you can! Good Luck!
That's tough Jeff!
I use one of the stand alone hard drives from Wal Mart for my backups. I do a straight copy. There pretty cheap now. I think last I check the 60 Gig drive was about $50 and the 160 Gig was around $100.

CDs are okay too but I have literary thousands of CDs with data and it's a PITA to find one file somethmes so I do both. I try to do it about once a week but we know how that works.

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