Smoked Hot Wings

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  1. In another post the other day I mentioned smoking hot wings and was asked to elaborate a bit further by another member. I only tried this once so far but was so happy with the results that I am striving to make it again..and better.

    Here's what I did the first time.

    I marinated a 3 lb bag of party wings in Garlic and Herb marinade for about 36 hours before smoking. When smoking began it was at 220-240 until the marinade dried onto the wings and they took a mild browning color. Then I pulled them off and rolled the pieces in a bowl of Trappey's Red Devil Sauce. Then smoked until the hot sauce dried on (for the most part). after it looked like layer 1 was doing it's thing, I pulled them off and rolled 'em in the hot stuff one more time. Then I put them back in the smoker until they looked like it wasn't freshly laid sauce any more.

    My first run was admitedly a bit over cooked but still great (about 4 hours). I just wanted to make sure that I got enought of the spicey love on there before I took them off. The other thing might just be because I kinda like them dry above wet sauce all over them.

    For my next try I am using uncut wings that I will take apart myself. I have 9 lbs that I will be using (I've found that if you are willing to cut them apart yourself you can get a better price). I enjoy the tang that the marinade added but am going to use Italian dressing for the marinade on my next go round. I think it will be a bit more cost effective this way. Then the same go round with everything else only I want to see if I can reduce the process by 30 min at the minnimum, hopefully one hour.

    Please respond if you have any further insight to this topic!


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