Smoked Ham with Q-View, inspired by SmokinAl

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Jun 18, 2011
Central Cali
After seeing SmokinAl's recent ham thread,  , myself and others have been mesmerized by the color or "strange glow" as someone commented. You guys are going to think I'm CRAZY for this , but every time I went back to his thread to look at his ham, I couldn't help but think of a fiery sunrise/sunset depending on what coast you live on. The color in his ham looked like this painting by my favorite artist, Christian Lassen.


Maybe I'm NUTS but this is what comes to mind. Maybe I've been in the smoke too long.

Anyway this inspired me to buy a "ready to cook" ham last night and inject it with maple syrup. I also rubbed the outside with a coat of maple syrup. It rested in the fridge over night and this morning it went in the MES at 225 til it hit 162. It was smoked with cherry. I also cold smoked some cheese in the little chief with the AMNPS while the ham was cooking.


Look at all the future sammies here!


Dinner was a sammie(calling it my sunset sammie) consisiting of tonights smoked ham, yesterdays smoked turkey, some BBB from a recent smoke and some smoked cheddar that I smoked last month. Smoked cheese spreads like a dream after a few minutes under the broiler. A side of Au Gratin taters to round it out.


Bear View

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The ham looks fantastic -- such rich color.  And that sandwich.....a piece of art if I have ever seen one!  
Dang, Tee!

You knocked that one outta the park!  Good for you tackling a raw ham.  I've "reheated" a bunch in the smoker.  Been playing around with curing ham steaks this summer and may have to just pick me up a ham after seeing this post.

Great job
Ahhhh  Teeezhopper, SmokinAl has taught you well !!!!

Your Ham is most Beautiful !!!!

Thanks for the views,


You even managed to lure Tracy in from afar.  
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That is fabulous!!!


Wholey Smoke.

Now that is a nice lookin ham. Guess I know what I will be lookin for next.

Very nice job. and just think, I am only gonna have beef ribs for dinner.
Is that a "Party Sammy" or just for you?

Great Job Once Again!

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