smoked fajitas

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Nov 21, 2006
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anyone ever smoke fajitas? i bought one of those "beef for fajitas" packages friday, as it was priced wrong (every other package was $2.99/LB, this one was $1.99/LB; same date on all). i plan on cooking it for supper tonight. cook it like a brisket?
The ones they sell here are sliced and marinated Chris. I always just seperate the pieces and grill them in my fajita skillet with peppers and onions. Chop up a tomato and throw it in the pan about 5 min before you take them off the grill and it will be super.
hey rodger. the ones here are, most of the time, a big hunk of meat- sometimes two big pieces-, seasoned and marinated. i usually grill them, but was wondering about smoking them. smoked fajitas. sounds good.
I does sound good. I wasn't sure if you had bought it before, I just know ours is already cut into kind of chunky slices.
My favorite way is to grill over mesquite flame leaving the meat extremely rare (it'll cook more on the sizzle platter). It gets a great smoke flavor to it that way. To me, being as it's technically steak, it needs to be rare, and a slow smoke would tend to leave it dry and tough. That is, of course you'e wanting to smoke it and shred it.

Share your decision and results with us.

I usually buy flank steak and use Claude's Fajita Marinade (I like to add a little lime juice), but $1.99/lb is a steal.

I'm not familiar with these things but I was thinking maybe a black skillet or black dutch oven would be good in the smoker for a short smoke if you have one.
I have done what DeejayDebi suggested. I used a small 8 inch cast iron skillet. I smoked stew meat for my stew and it turned out excellent. I smoked the meat for two hours with apple wood.
i don't have any cast iron cookware. i just pulled it out of the smoker, about to pull the fatty and polish sausage links out. smells and looks good. will report back on taste in awhile. smoked fajitas....what is the world coming to? i guess i am a smoke-a-holic.
I tried that Marvin, it's not bad
. We like it better though if we just smoke the ground beef rolled up like a fatty, then make the enchiladas out of that and cook it the regular way. The smoke taste definitly kicks butt on mexican food though.
ok we are done eating. i really liked it, my wife thought it was ok. she said it seemed she was eating brisket rolled in a tortilla. she says from now on we make fajitas the normal way.

Chris, smoked brisket rolled in a tortilla with the regular sides sounds pretty dern good to me!!!

Been thinking about a way to use leftover pulled pork... going to try pulled pork quesadillas, mix in some jack cheese with a side of black bean salsa, We'll see.
Chris -

Sounds like you wife is a big smoke fan. Is there something she can point to she doesn't like? Souds like a great idea to me.
debi, she said we grill fajitas from now on. she liked the new york strip steaks we smoked yesterday. but yeah, she likes most any food.
We will take left over pulled pork and throw in some cheese (cheddar and pepper jack) wrap it in a tortilla and deep fry it. Soon as it is out of the deep frier sprinkle with more cheese and they are to die for. is reader supported and as an Amazon Associate, we may earn commissions from qualifying purchases.

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