Smoked eye of round today

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lee forst

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Jun 8, 2007
Good old U-S-of-A
I bought some county-style ribs earlier in the week and I went to rub them down last night and they were past their sell-by date and looked "green". So I made a trip to the local supermarket and they didn't have any of my usual meats on sale or in stock. But they did have 3-4 lb eye of round on sale. I have never smoked this meat and I was a little leery because I had read that it can be tough. But, what the heck?

I rubbed it down with yellow mustard and put on a coat of rub. I let it meld together over night and put it on around 9:00am with some hickory. I had lots to do today, so it sat in there with zero attention until 3:30pm this afternoon. I pulled it out and 2x wrapped it in foil and paper towels and threw it in the cooler. I got home around 6:30pm and pulled it out of the cooler to let it cool. Then I thinly sliced it up, poured the juices over it and put it in the oven with some other stuff to heat up.

The end result..... NOT BAD. It reminded me of a cross between brisket and a pork loin. I think the trick with this cut of meat is to slice it thin. I think next time I will let it smoke for a couple more hours to see if the tenderness improves. But my wife and kids loved it and it will make great sammies for the rest of the week.
Opps forgot the q-view

Looks great ...... I think your right on cooking it longer to make it a little more tender. I get the slicer out and get 'em as thin as possible for sammies.

Too bad about the country ribs ........ If my wife ask me to come smell some meat that she is not sure about, I just tell her to throw it out! Why bother with questionable food ........ is reader supported and as an Amazon Associate, we may earn commissions from qualifying purchases.

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