Smoked Chicken Idea - Suggestions Requested

Discussion in 'Poultry' started by roltyde, Apr 13, 2010.

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    Last week I posted about an upcoming golf trip meeting 15 of my buddies in NW Florida. On Friday I'll be smoking butts and chickens. I'll leave Saturday with the butts pulled and chilled in the cooler in ziplocs for the two day drive from here in TN. I'll arrive Sunday, put the meat in the fridge, and heat and serve Monday night. I originally was going to put the meet in aluminum pans for travel but got the ziploc suggestion here on the forum. Thanks for the good idea!

    I was going to spatchcock the chickens and quarter them after the smoke, then seal them in the ziplocs. I was a little concerned about the chicken drying out between Friday and Monday.

    This past weekend I smoked some chicken and yesterday took leftovers off the bone and shredded with BBQ sauce for sandwiches. It was very good, sweet and juicy. Now I'm thinking about smoking the chickens whole and after resting, removing it from the bone, shredding, and carrying it in the cooler just like the butts. Should be easier to carry and serve. Thoughts and ideas?

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    Yea that sounds like a good idea to me too. Now you don't have to use a big cooler and then make sure that you fill the cooler with old towels and the meat will stay hot longer. I would even leave the meat on the bone if you want to. It will help to retain some of the heat too.

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