Smoked Buffalo Mozzarella

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Original poster
Apr 20, 2007
Has anyone every smoked the fresh buffalo mozzarella? I was thinking about the moisture content of the cheese and has wondering if it smoked well! As soon as it cools down around here I may give it a try!

I'm sure Debi will be along to display her wealth of knowledge on this question...It's definitely a COLD smoke though...Actually for a real treat, try making your own mozz, it's super easy!
Jayfish -

Cold smoke your cheeses no matter what they are. Keep your temperatures below 90°F. The lower the better. Let the cheese sit out for a bit to air dry and toughen up the cheese. A few hours or so.

Sorry I forgot what kind of smoker you have, but whatever use 2 to 4 pieces of charcoal and set a small piece of wood on top.

You can use any kind of milk but REAL Italian Mozzarella is made from buffalo milk.

Here's and easy recipe from my website:
I have smoked fresh mozzarella(is that how you spell it?) several times, Water just POURS out of it, I have had much better luck with aged stuff, at 90 degrees in my cold smoker.
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