Smoked Apricot Jam with Cherries soaked in Kirsch

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    Howdy all!

    This is one of my all time favorite things to make. I've made it many times and it is a luscious addition to smoked pork. I changed up my recipe a little this year because I cold smoked the apricots for 3 hours. I used my A-Maze-N smoker using apple dust. Apricots have a thin skin and take well to smoking. I bit in to one after smoking and could definitely taste a mild smoke flavor. After it was prepared you still get a hint of richness which I contribute to the smoke. The addition of the Kirsch soaked cherries takes it to a whole new level.

    I will tell you this is not a cheap thing to make. These cherries are very expensive at 25.00 a jar and I used two jars in this batch! But because you use a small amount either as a glaze for pork or better yet to serve with the finished smoked pork, it's just incredible. This is something I give as gifts during the holidays too. My friends ask for it specifically.

    I started with 4 lbs. of beautiful apricots I purchased from the farmer's market. I left the skins on, did a cold smoke for 3 hours then cut them into chunks.


    I drained my two jars of cherries and added them to the mix, put them on the stove to start a boil. I added a pinch of salt and scraped the seeds from a vanilla bean, added the seeds and then the whole pod to the mix.




    I added two packages of pectin to the mix and brought it to a rolling boil. I then added 7 cups of sugar, stirred constantly for a couple of minutes. It's done!


    I sterilized my jars in a water bath.


    Then I filled the jars, returned to the bath for ten minutes. It's all done. It is a savory sweet that adds so much to a smoked pork!

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    wow that looks wonderful and yummy
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    That looks killer! Expensive but killer! [​IMG]
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    I am going to have to recheck this thread when i get to work monday.  My current browser doesn't let me see full pics (and having trouble downloading another)  Anyway, thats neither here nor there. Let me just say:


    The description sounds amazing and the parts of the pics I can view are mouthwatering!

    As you have proven over and over, you are quite talented
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    Now this looks awesome there cheryl. You are still coming up with some of theses off the wall recipes for sure. I don't know where you are getting theses recipes but I want that book.
  6. squirrel

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    Thank you so much MrsB! and the rest of you guys! This is a special treat that I enjoy offering to friends and family. I forgot to mention that you do pull the vanilla bean out when it's done. And I got 13 jars, so the total cost is just under $6 a jar. Not too bad considering I give them as gifts! I do keep a few for my own pleasure and I'll make about two more batches. I have also done this with peaches and the cherries as well as pineapple and the cherries!
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    Wow that looks outstanding and I'll bet it all goes to good use!!!!!!!!
  8. squirrel

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    Mark - this is my very own recipe. I generally do make up my recipes, but will give credit to any particular one I'm stealing from! Maybe I should write a book, Crazy Woman Smokes. Sounds good to me.
  9. How about Silly Woman Smokes with a Big Heart!! Your Recipes are always Awesome.
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