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Meat Mopper
Original poster
May 23, 2007
It was almost a major catastrophy yesterday! When I got home from work, as I was pulling in the drive, I looked over and seen a mass of metal and canvas in the front yard that used to be our gazebo that was behind the garage!!!
It decided to go for about a 50' walk!! Then I looked back where it should have been and there lies my GOSM lying on it's back!!!
As I gently lifted her off the ground I looked over at my brinkman professional and I see the wooden rack is busted off the front!!!
I just about cried!!! The whole time my wife's going...hey....what about the gazebo that's a bunch of twisted you're worried about your smokers and not the gazebo.....well YEAH!!!!
Just to make sure the brink was ok she had me load it up with some lump and grilled some chicken breast!! They should be OK!!!
Sounds like you had a visit from one of those buckeye blasts I remember as kid...

Sorry to hear of your damage, but at least it wasn't too bad... could have been alot worse!
I grew up in Ohio and remember the tornadoes we used to get... not fun at all!

Take care!
Thanks HH! Yep it was a Buckeye blower! Wife said the rain was blowing sideways! Said she couldn't see the neighbors house! The smokers can be fixed the gazebo is history!

Thanks Meowey! I'll hang in there! Actually after suveying the damage my wife asked me what I was going to do and said it's Thursday I'm heading to the Eagles to sign the books and have a cold one!! It'll be there in the morning!!!
Actually Chris I wasn't there! I work an hour away and got home to see the aftermath! Wife and kids had to weather and all are ok!! The smoker I'm going to fix and the gazebo I'm going to bury! I will never buy one of those metal ones again! Next time it's wood and concrete!!!

Gypsy I tried that route! Between the tv, wireless router and gazebo we went just a couple of hundered over our deductible! If we make the claim it's a ding on our policy even if they don't have to pay anything!!!! What a racket!!!!!!
DOn't you just hate insurance? You apy for years and years but your afraid to ever put in a claim unless there's a total lost. It's nuts! is reader supported and as an Amazon Associate, we may earn commissions from qualifying purchases.

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