Smoke Ring

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Apr 16, 2007
Johnstown Pa
What is this smoke ring I hear people talking about when they are smoking meats. and what should I look for to see it.
The smoke ring is a pink layer about 1/4 inch think inside the surface of it meat you're smoking. The only good way to check for it is to wait until right before pulling it and cutting into the meat. As I see it, it is only important in comps. If you're cooking for the family, just worry about the taste. Everything else is cool points.
Someone here will give you the scientific reason behind it all, but I will give you the plain jane version.

After you smoke something you will notice a ring around the outside of the meat, about 1/8-1/2" from the outside(crust). That is the smoke ring. Here are some pics of a tri-tip w/said smoke ring.

Notice, on some of the pics, how there is a pink/red "ring" on the outside of the meat next to the brown/tan inside. That pink/red is what is called a smoke ring. It's all about looks, you can have a nice piece of meat smoked(slightly) w/no smoke ring.

I'm sure you have seen it before, others will have a much better description than I.........but that is all God gave me...........I can still feed my self...........most of the time.

Hope this helps, others will help better.
That is exactly what I wanted to know, I had not seen that before as I am completely new to this and none of my friends smoke meat either so I am asking alot of newbie questions tryin to learn. But that is a perfect description and the pictures look delicious. I hope to smoke something that looks half that good some day. is reader supported and as an Amazon Associate, we may earn commissions from qualifying purchases.

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