Smoke-it Smoker Users In Oklaahoma

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Dec 10, 2013
East of Tulsa, OK
i see you have a #2 Smokin-it ...just ordered myself a #1.... will be here next week ,would like to hear your reviews  and suggestions on the electric smoker.... as i have been using a kamodo type and a propane smoker.
I am still getting use to my Smoke-it #2.

Mine is a very quality built unit, very impressed with the tightly sealed door, not a wisp of smoke even during the seasoning.  I need to get something to elevate it 20-25 inches or so off the concrete to make it easier to get racks in and out.  Most likely will build a wooden base with a drip edge in the front.  No smoke ring is different, thinking of putting a couple pieces of charcoal in the smoke box my next cook which I have heard might restore some of that, or braze my meat on the grill a few min on each side before or after putting it in the smoker.  (We miss the singed grill marks)  The hickory dowel rods that came with the unit is a different flavor than I had been used to, tried the extra package I ordered and they were the same.  I will be changing back to small pieces of my own flavor hickory chunks and see how that does for the next smoke.  It really takes a small amount, two dowels an inch or so long smoke 3 hours, just seemed the wrong flavor for us. 

I tried a brisket without foiling, it was a little dry on the edges.  It was cold outside, about 20 and the smoker was pulling in very dry air.  I had a water pan to the side, but it was not enough to keep it moist.  Also, I did not cook it long enough.  I was set at 225, but I think it was a little hotter in the middle center with the temp sensor against the back wall with the 20 degree WX and wind we had, not the best of conditions.  I had been getting good average box temperatures at other times, but only had a single sensor in the meat that cook.  Meat reached 200 way too quick, figured out to be about 40 min/lb, which is way too short for brisket.  Kept it in the ice chest 2 hrs afterward.  It was not bad, but we just expected better.  Will be doing the next one at 205 and foil after 3 hours to cook longer, then decide to open face and most likely dial up the last hour especially if the temp outside is that low.  Hope not, we are ready for summer.

I have done 3 batches of fatty's.  All have done well.  I singed the outside bacon on the gas grill a few minutes after pulling them out to crisp them up a little.

Chicken breasts were very moist and tender, but we missed the grill marks, might need to singe them a few minutes after smoking also.

Planning on ribs next.  Definitely will do the 3-2-1 with foil the first time.

Holding a constant temp and not having to add charcoal and wood chunks for hours is really nice, but I am not giving up my other cookers just yet.

I am still questionable on it, but I think I will like it better after I have a chance to use it more and get used to the differences, been that way with every new cooking device I have gotten at first.

Good luck to you getting great results with yours.

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