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  1. dmack

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    My first post here.I am quite impressed with the amount of information that is available at this site.Also it is awesome how helpful everybody is to us newcomers. Anyway, I don't own a smoker yet. I have been looking hard. One brand I came across was Smoke Hollow. They are a bit more expensive. I haven't seen much on the site on this brand. I like how it seems so well insulated. When you shut the door I don't get that tinny feel like I do with a GOSM. Is a well insulated "box" super important. I do live in Iowa and can see using my smoker in some cooler temps. I think I am definitely interested in going gas. I'd appreciate any input on this brand.
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    welcome dmack..........first off, you need to head over to rollcall in introduce yourself

    i don't know much bout smoke hollow products, but others here do, and i am sure they will be along soon and give you some great advice

    also, make sure you sign up for Jeffs FREE 5-day ecourse........LOTS of great tiips and ideas in that course

    once again.......welcome

    LOTS of iowa folk here........i live in des moines myself
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    I have a smoke hollow electric. The reason I got the electric is because it is insulated, the gas one was cheaper and bigger but not insulated. If you purchase one of the electric smokers feel free to PM me with your ?'s. I like mine. But don't trust the thermometer on the door or any other smoker for yhat matter unless they are calibratable. And I have had to replace both the heat element and the thermometer on the door. But they are very good about it , and will send out the parts in 3 days absolutly free no shipping.
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    I bought one two weeks ago. I have the number 6 gas smoker. I'm pretty pleased so far, it seems substantial. I've done some wings, and ribs, turned out great. It's been in the mid-upper sixties here, and the low setting makes it run around 300 degF. I crack the door a little and that helps. We get plenty of cold near Buffalo, NY so It shouldn't be a big problem. I've been using a digital thermometer to check temp. by dangling the probe in the air near the meat, I don't trust door thermometers either. I bought mine online from the Outdoor Leisure Products website. Good service, had it within a week. The one I have has better handles than the same model on the floor at Gander Mt. too and came with a sausage hanger.
    I would recommend it. Good Luck

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