Smoke Alert in Troy AL

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Jun 20, 2007
Troy AL
They have issued a smoke alert here and ya'll know where theres smoke theres heat. The Smoke Jumpers are on ready alert waiting on a call.
The team consists of Ms Ckicken(brined and ready) Mr Ribs(going in naked but has T-bones sticky apple sause in his back pack) And finally two FATTY for back up and nourishment.Beer is taking a nap in the fridge till after lunch
when he will be enjoyed with the backup Fatty
Yardbird drowning, fatty chillin, veggies (future chunks of summer squash, bell pepper, onions, and zucchini) awaiting their fate in the smoker!
Well the temps have stabilized enough for them to jump, Ms Chicken went first
She had rubbed herself with EVOO, then put on lemon pepper to help her fight the temps.

Mr Ribs followed quickly behind her but he's being macho and jumped naked but will probably need T-Bones Sticky Apple Sauce to sooth his burns latter.

Smells like they jumped into an apple orchard with a few hickory trees mixed in, my wood came from Bass Pro Shops yesterday
Well the Fatties have jumped into the Smoke

The Ribs said there bones were showing and needed some relief, I put the in foil, since they are small they asked to have their duty shortened to

Ms Chicken is hanging in there and she's at 150° heading for home
Well everything is under control, the jumpers have been recovered, first out
was Mr Rib and the FATTY The ribs ended up being a 2-2-1/2, i did them dry and then sprayed with apple juice and used T-Bones sauce the last 1/2hr.

Then Ms Chicken followed

The only injury was to Ms Chicken, she skinned her leg during recovery.

Well, I've kept the Miller Lite's to a minimum while I was managing the mission, but now that the jumpers have been recovered theres a few more waiting in the beer fridge in my shop along with a FATTY

I know this doesn't look like much food to some but theres only my wife and I, She'll get 2 night out of the ribs, 2 nights for me out of the chicken and 1 night for both of us, then we'll get 2 breakfasts for supper out of the FATTY
That about take care of our week
looks great. same sit. here- me& the wife. we'll get @ least 5 meals as she works nights & rarely eats @ hope anyway. i think the troops should get the culinary badge oh honor ( ya know the crossed rib bones w/ the wisbone in front) lol - great job blackhawk19.
Grunt, who you calling a Grunt
I's an Army Avator, Aveator, awl Hell I was
a fling wing pilot as opposed to a fixed wing Aviator. Us fling wing jocks were not a happy group because we knew if nothing had went wrong yet it would.
Great loking Q there Blackhawk! Beautiful chicken! Did you know I had my first ever real smoked Q in Jacksonville Alabama? Got family in Piedmont too.
My apologies. You were only a half grunt..........
BTW, what is the glide ratio of a fling wing? Bets it's close to a rock!

But again BH.....Good lookin vittles!
Ok, I'll agree with the half grunt, you had to be just to be able to walk to your bird every day. This was our flight line, I bet yours was all pretty with pavement and lines painted on it

Of course when we stole that Air Force jeep from Saigon and painted it pink whoever wasn't flying that day drove it and shuttled the crews
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