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Mar 18, 2006
This is my first one for this year.

They don't have much list on the website yet, but there is to be $30,000 in cash prizes.
Grand Champion $5,000.00
Reserve Champion: $3,000.00
1St Place: $1,000.00 in each of the KCBS categories
2nd Place: $700.00 in each of the KCBS categories
3rd Place: $400.00 in each of the KCBS categories
4th Place: $300.00 in each of the KCBS categories
5th Place: $200.00 in each of the KCBS categories
6th Place: $100.00 in each of the KCBS categories
7th to 10th Place: $50.00 in each of the KCBS categories

1st Place $1,000.00
2nd Place $600.00
3rd Place $400.00
4th Place $300.00
5th Place $200.00

1st Place: $500.00
2nd Place: $250.00

Slamminâ€[emoji]8482[/emoji] Iron Chef Competition
1st Place: $1,500.00
2nd Place: $1,000.00
3rd Place: $500.00

Best Booth:
1st place $500.00
2nd place $250.00

I am in, my registration and application is in. There is a limit of 50 teams, so please don't sign up.... I won't to be the only one, that will make my odds better for Grand Champion..... :evil: :evil:
:shock: :shock:

I wouldn't mind giving you a hand during this, or even joining your team. I'm just an amateur, but I always get good reviews from my friends who beg me for bbq every weekend. I don't even mind doing the menial jobs like splittin' wood! Just PM me. I just want to see how everything goes down so that I can eventually enter a competition with my own team.

This new setup limited me to only a total of 4 images..... and 1 was already used... so you fill in the rest with your imagination.

I am also looking at maybe 2 more up that way. I will let ya know abt them as well.

That sounds pretty good Mr grumpy and maybe a good pay day to boot. do post some pics and have a good time.
Thanks. I hope that I can at least place and recoup some of the expenses. It sure does get expensive with the entry fees, cost of all the meat, gas, etc...... not to mention now that I am going to be traveling abt 4 hrs each way now for my first 2 comps... the last one I am looking at is almost 6 hrs away.

I have been working on a new rub, and sauce, and all I am getting is raving reviews on them... I sure hope the judges like it as well.

Good luck to you and your smokin crew Bill. Hope you pull out a Grand Slam in all areas.

Keep Smokin
Thanks. I just hope my partner can hang with me all year. He has had some circumstances already this year that are major. If not, I will have to back up, punt and regroup.

That and me being allergic to pork doesn't help at all. He does the pork side of the comps for me, and I do the brisket and chicken.

There are times I feel like it.... It has gotten that it doesn't bother me most of the time, but there are times it smells SO GOOD, I think I want to suffer with one just to get a taste of it, but it isn't worth it.... migraines are a terrible thing to have to go through....

For a few years until I figured it out, I lived with a constant headache, and taking sometimes 12-18 pain relievers a day....

But, now that I know what triggers them, I have grown to live without it.... but it is rough at times.

The real thing that took a while to figure out, is don't go out to eat breakfast, ask before ordering where everything is cooked, and if in doubt, don't order it....

Thanks Debi,

I have the bug now... and it won't be here soon enough... I am ready....

We are ready to go kick some smoking butts......

and ribs...

and chicken....

and brisket....


My cooking partner informed me that he isn't going to be able to make it to Norfolk with me.

Now I suppose I am going to go to plan "B"....

Now to come up with plan "B".... I have a couple of ideas, and may end up having to cook and prep the turn-ins all by myself.... allergic to pork and all. My wife and daughter will be coming to help, and they do a great job. Just keep the coffee pot going.....

That includes not only the pork but the ribs, as well as the brisket and chicken. And then to top it off, I am doing the sauce and turkey entries as well.... a total of 6 categories to cook.

okay Bill, now you have a reason to be grumpy. Good Luck to ya.

Keep Smokin
Hope all turns out well for you. I feel your "pain" regarding the pork I can not have wheat/gluten which is in just about everything and if that does not do it for ya I also can not have corn, which is how they sweeten just about everything else. So that is why I smoke meat this way I can eat at least something that is good
Cheech, and I thought I had it bad....

Just look at all teh processed meats, and look what the first ingredient is... pork...if it isn't first, it isn't far behind.

And then, when you go out to eat, if it isn't everything isn't cooked on the same cooking surface, they use the same cooking utensils.... talk about cross contamination.... I see it all the time.

Even at work, they have turkey sausage links. How do they cook them? They deep fry them. In the same deep fry unit that they fry the pork sausage links in....

We went to a small private owned eatery while back. Highly recommended. When I asked where the stuff was cooked, it was a no-no for me. I had to end up with a tossed salad and fries.

I even stopped at a highly recommended BBQ joint down the road a bit, and since I couldn't eat the pork, I had decided to get chicken. Well, guess what they don't cook. All they had was pork.... so I had a burger....

I have learned to open mouth, ask and double ask.... it is a pain, but not as much as a migraine.... and people look at me like I am crazy.....

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