SMF - What do you look like?

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Feb 22, 2007
Sault Ste Marie,ON
I couldnt find a post of what everybody looks like so i thought i would post one. It is always nice to know who you are talking to. I will start.

This is me and the missus driving from Pensacola Fl to Phoenix AZ about a year ago. I had just woken up and look the

depends on if i have hair or not, here is a pic of me shaved, with my two kids from first marriage. this was taken in july '05. my avatar shows me with hair.
This is me and an old friend. She doesn't talk much, but is a real good listener!!!! And, she does like a good fire work display.
Smoke On!!!!!!
dont have many pics of myself . was a very keen photographer a few years ago befor all this digital stuff came on the scene, sold my trusty old nikon 35mm gear for a digi and it was the worst thing i ever did , anyway most of the time i was on the wrong side of the lens to be in a pic , but i do have a couple in my comp drive , so here is one taken a few years back though , i am the one in the hat .
The ugly mug in my avatar is yours truly. Maybe I'll update it when my kilt comes in. (Memo to self: Begin working on tan-nobody likes looking at white legs!!)
crewdawg52-It had been close to 2 hrs. since we had came off the river and had put them in a 120 qt. cooler of water to keep them alive while we showed them off. O2 levels were probably real low causing them to turn yellow.

cajunsmoker- We were using dogwood poles with a single 9/0 Trueturn hook and 4 oz. weight set about 12 to 18 inches under the surface with live bait. The big one sure put on a show before we got it in the boat. is reader supported and as an Amazon Associate, we may earn commissions from qualifying purchases.

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