SMF Gathering Cooking Roster

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Nov 25, 2006
Hello everyone. I have put together the following roster to set up an idea of what will be cooked during the SMF Gathering. If you are attending and would like to cook during one of the open slots or would like to add to one of the filled slots please let me know so I can add you to the list.

You don't have to cook something exotic or fancy. We would just like to fill the spots.


SMF Cooking Roster

Friday June 15

Lunch – Open

Dinner – Bud & Theresa (possible best rub contest with prize for those interested) Shortone
Main – Ribs
Sides – Red Beans & Rice (Bud & Theresa) and creamy cole slaw (Peculiarmike)
Dessert – Cobbler by Shortone

Saturday June 16

Breakfast – Mike & Jane (Peculiarmike)
Main – Fatty Burritos
Sides – Cheddar cheese grits (Bud & Theresa)

Lunch – PigCicles
Main – Ham (smoked & sliced for sammies)
Sides – Open

Dinner – Tim (SmokyOky) Main – Brisket
Sides – Baked Beans (Tom)
Dessert – Cobbler by Shortone

Sunday June 17

Breakfast – Open
Main –Open
Sides – Open

Lunch – Open
Main – To Be Announced
Sides – Open

Farewell Dinner – Chad (Ultramag)
Main – To Be Announced
Sides – Open
Dessert – Open
I haven't talked with ultramag recently for an "exact" estimate, but I am estimating 30 - 40 people, I may be off here. I'll try to get a closer number as soon as possible.

Keep in mind if someone would like to cook on a night already taken that would be fine, we can adjust - there's plenty of time for that.
35 to 40 is right on Mike. I will be sending another PM before long to get a total headcount to help plan meals. I've just been putting it off a bit. As we get closer, it will be more accurate. What everyone is doing, if they're coming, and who's coming with is changing less everyday now.
OK - Jane and I are signing up for Sunday breakfast, 30-40 people right now. Let us know if the number increases. Fatty breakfast burritos.
Sounds fantastic Mike!!!! If there is anything me and Bud can do to help(use of the rv kitchen,microwave/convection oven and utensils...knives cutting boards whatever you need) you got it!!!
Tonto, thanks!, we might take you up on that. We have a 26 ft. KZ toyhauler with microwave, oven, etc. but we might not have enough capacity.
I think you will be fine with the RV rental place in Lee's Summit.
The sides and desserts area aren't filling up. I'm really surprised no one has offered to whip up some of Dutch's Wicked Baked Beans or some of the killer dessert recipes that have been posted.

I'd really like to see some activity here to help make this and future gatherings a sucess!
PigCycles, we are doing ribs on Friday night, put us down for red beans and rice as well. Plus, I'll do my cheddar cheese Grits side for one of the breakfasts, whatever morning you think is best.
and of course you know that y'all are killing me
Hope I'm not over stepping my bounds here. If so, just delete my post. June is right around the corner.
Looking at the cooking roster, it appears that the only ones attending are, Me, Bud & Theresa, SmokyOky, and Mike & Jane.
I wonder if some of the other attendees think that the cooking volunteers are all pros or something. Folks don't be afraid to pitch in here. It seems to me that attendance is free. In any other case it would cost just to attend something like this and someone else would do the cooking. I think the whole idea is that we get together and have a good time and everyone helps out. No one has a problem offering advice or help on this forum, so I think it would not be a problem at this function.
I'm quite positive none of us are pros. If you like my food, great, if not, spit it out and go to McDonalds.
This will not be successful if only a few cook and everyone else just wants to eat on the cooks budget. is reader supported and as an Amazon Associate, we may earn commissions from qualifying purchases.

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