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    Aloha all, I joined this site about two weeks ago. At that time I posted I was in search for recipe /advice as to how to smoke wild pig / goat in the style that it is usually served as pupus at luaus here in Hawaii. In the meantime..I'm learning how to barbecue baby back ribs using the 2-2-1 method. I did my second batch last week and it was a great improvement over the first batch i did. I got a lot of encouragement from all here as well as good advice (get a meat thermometer, the thermometer on the smoker door can be off as much as 40 degrees). Still a ways from it being great but working on it. Today I found what I was originally looking for: the recipe / advice on how to smoke pig / goat Hawaiian style....It was posted by Pomai, a member of this Forum..who lives on Oahu. From the posts I've read I see that some of the members here have passed through Hawaii while serving in the military (Thank you !!) or spent time here as visitors or residents...and are familiar with Hawaiian smoked meat. I just think this site is amazing! I won't be going anywhere soon. I'll be hanging out less at the Unofficial Martin Guitar Forum and spending more time here at the Smoking Meat Forum. Oh.. Oh.. Gear Acquisition Syndrome may be developing!
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    Old Dog -

    Glad you found that post I sure couldn't and forgot the guys name. It was a great post too! Enjoy the forum and ask any questions you may have that's what we're here for!
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    welcome.........i seen your other post on the temp probe........

    my son went thru maine on his way to iraq a month or so ago...........but when he was stationed in san diego........he spent some time there on the way to afghanistan right after 9/ll..........he loved hawaii.......tho i have no idea if he tried your smoke meat products........but i would like to congratulate you and all of you, who welcomed the troops so warmly.......thank you from a former vet and the dad of one thats serving now.........

    you will learn SO much here..........

    welcome again

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    Well, Old Poi Dog, you have witnessed the beauty of the SMF firsthand!

    Our membership is extensive and knowledgeable! And many of our members have knowledge of regional and international dishes as you have seen.

    Pomai has ben a regular contributer and I have truly been impressed by some of his posts! The fact that he came to your assistance is proof positive of the attitude shared by all here!

    Welcome to our family and we look forward to hearing a great deal more from you!

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    Oh Dear! Not GAS! [​IMG]

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