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2-2-1- Method of Smoking Baby Backs - (2 hours smoked, 2 hours wrapped, 1 final hour unwrapped)
3-2-1- Method of Smoking Spare Ribs - (3 hours smoked, 2 hours wrapped, 1 final hour unwrapped)
ABT- Atomic Buffalo Turd (a stuffed smoked jalapeno pepper)
AMNPS- A-Maze-N Pellet Smoker
AMNS- A-Maze-N Smoker
BBB - buck board bacon
BCC- Beer Can Chicken
BDS- Big Drum Smoker
BGE- Big Green Egg
BSKD- Brinkmann Smoke King Deluxe
BWS- Backwoods Smoker
CB - Canadian Bacon
CBP- Cracked Black Pepper
CC - cook chamber or Camp Chef
CCSV- Camp Chef Smoke Vault
COS - Cheap Offset Smoker
ECB- El Cheapo Brinkman
EOR - Eye of Round
EVOO- Extra Virgin Olive Oil
Fatty- A 1 pound chub of breakfast sausage turned into a smoked delicacy. It is usually wrapped in bacon and stuffed with other goodies such as cheese and veggies.
FB - firebox
FSIS - USFDA Food Safety Inspection Service
GOSM- Great Outdoors Smoky Mountain Smoker
INT - Internal temperature of the meat
KCBS - Kansas City BBQ Society
LSG - Lone Star Grillz
MBN - Memphis BBQ Network
MES - Masterbuilt Electric Smokehouse
NFDM - non-fat dry milk
OKJ - Oklahoma Joe
OP - Original Poster (the person who started the thread)
OTBS - Order of the Thin Blue Smoke
PB - Pit Boss (Pellet Grill Manufacturer)
PBBE - Pork belly burnt ends
PBC - Pit Barrel Cooker
PP - Pulled pork
Qview - Images of Smoked Food.. usually makes you drool;-)
SFB - Side Fire Box
SMF - What Most of Us Endearingly Call The Smoking Meat Forums
SnP - Smoke n Pit
SnS - Slow & Sear
SPC - Soy Protein Concentrate
SPOG - A basic rub made from salt, black pepper, onion, and garlic (the onion and garlic is usually powdered or granulated)
SV - Sous Vide
TBS - Thin Blue Smoke
TT - Tri-tip
TQ - Morton's tender quick
UDS - Ugly Drum Smoker
WSM - Weber Smoky Mountain - Smoker
WW - Woodwind (a well-known pellet grill made by Camp Chef)

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