Smaller Traeger (Tailgater) Bronson 20 and Using Double Stacked Racks?

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Nov 19, 2023
We have the smaller Traeger Tailgater Bronson 20.
Interior dimensions are: about 20L x 15 Deep x 7 high in center and only 4 inch high near front and back.

We want to use it to grill as many racks of ribs that will fit but still properly cook. Using the vertical grill racks are not ideal as the domed top only allows for about 4 inch height near front and back and our ribs are about 5.5 high if they were stacked vertically. Would it be possible to get another flat rack the same size as the bottom rack but just stack it on top of the existing rack about 2 inches above? (would get one with legs 2 inch tall) Then would be able to do two rows cooking them flat one on top of the other?
Even thought a diagnoal type vertical rack would be ideal so we could slant them to the side so they wouldn't hit the top of the smoker where it is more shallow at front and back, but they don't make vertical racks like those.

Open to any suggestions. Or if this is just a bad idea.
Should be able to use 2 racks bolted together to the desired height adding washers and nuts. May need to rotate the ribs occasionally but might work.
Sounds like a standard "rib rack" is too tall ?

Yes vertical racks too tall, It would work in the center where we have 7 inch height but it slopes down quickly to 5 and 4 inches.
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