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Discussion in 'Smoking Bacon' started by nogoer, Jul 19, 2010.

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    A new Shoprite has opened up that is much more conveniant for me to get pork belly. We went in to check it out and when i saw the nice thick slabs of fresh belly i couldn't ignore it calling my name.

    I have done bacon enough to know what i am doing for the most part, but all those times have been with a whole belly cut down into normal slabs. This time i just grabbed a package of two peices as sort of an easy refresher. They are nice and thick around 2-3inches, but are only about 2 inches wide where a normal trimmed belly would be closer to 12inches. In total they are almost 3 lbs, but like i said thinner peices.

    So i am just wondering what everyone thinks the thinner width would call for in adjustment of curing time? They are skin on too, and i'm figuring a 4-5 day cure in spite of the 3inch thickness is going to be plenty.

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    If you liie the thinner slabs of bacon I would keep on looking till you fine it. Now me on the other hand I want mine as thick as I can get it. Then after I smoke it I like it sliced about 1/4" or so. Pure Heaven.

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