Small pork tenderloin

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Original poster
Jan 6, 2006
Spring Hill, FL
I usually pick up one of those little 1.6lb Hormel tenderloins for a midweek meal, put some rib rub on it, and grill it for 30 minutes or so. I was thinking about smoking it this week instead. How much time should it roughly take to get 160*? I'm using a ECB electric with apple and mesquite chunks. I'm looking for an excuse to break in the new Maverick wireless thermometer thats coming in tomorrow.


At only a pound and a half, it will not take long at all. On average, at 220*, it takes 1.5 hours per pound.

Remember that Tenderloin is a lean cut and can overdry easily, so be diligent in tending to it and spray or mop once the Rub has adheared to it.

Good luck!

i like to grill my tenderloins

what i do is cut them up into 1-2 inch pieces and wrap a piece of bacon on them and secure with a toothpick then i let them marinate in soy sauce for an hour or so and grill for 20-25 mins over direct they be slammin :P
I smoked it last night for about 2.5 hours with some apple and mesquite chunks. I basted it with butter, applesauce and cajun seasoning every 30 minutes or so.

It came out sooo juicy. I think I like it like this better than on the grill now. It was a lot of work for just one small piece of meat, but I got to drink some beers and play darts in the garage with my wife so it was a lot of fun. The new Maverick wireless thermometer worked like a champ.

Wow! That is one BIG fork. :lol:

Tenderloin looks wonderful. 8) What temperature did you cook it to (160*)?
I cooked it to 170*. It was just under 2lbs I think. served 4 people (2 twice). It was so very tender. I ate the leftovers for breakfast as a sammich and my wife told me I have to make her another one now.
Courtland, If you decide to feed a larger group, check out my "Smoked Pork Loin with Mahogany Sauce" located in this thread. I like you idea of using butter, applesauce and cajun seasoning. Something that I will have to try.

BTW-nice pics!
My first venture with smoking was yesterday with a fryer. We have eaten Pork Tenderloins (the little ones as you do) but always seasoned and grilled.

Next one is gonna be smoked. The problem I have right now is finding the different wood chunks. Home Depot has Mesquite and Hickory at half price, but nothing else.

Maybe I need to go talk to an apple orchardist.

I just bought 6 bags of Weber's Hickory Chunks (5 lb bag) for $ 2.96 at Home Depot. Bought 3 bags of Mesquite for the same price. Of course, where I live its snowy and 20 degrees today so its probably a winter clearance.

Cabela's is out of stock on most of their chunks but I will take a look at WalMart.

I wonder if by going to an orchardist; apple, pear, peach that I couldn't find a bunch of scraps there.
I have gone to the orchards just after they have pruned their field and the farmers were more than happy to let me have some.

If you give them some smoked meat they will save nice pieces for you the next time if they know you are coming.
You can try, I am having a 1/2 cord of apple wood being delivered from them. If you happen to live in western washington, which I do, they will deliver 1/2 and full cords for no additional cost. This will be my first purchase from them so I will provide a follow up once I actually see the wood. As far as price went....well it wasn't free but I didn't have to rob a bank either $240 for the 1/2 and $350 for a full cord. The little lady wasn't convinced I would use the full cord. For those wondering a cord is 4x4x8 feet. For course when you purchase a cord the wood is still 12 to 16 inches but nothing my trusty chain saw won't take care of. I just got tired of over paying for apple wood in bags when here I am living in washington :) As far as Alder wood well I'm cutting down a fairly large tree down on Friday so it should be ready by the end of summer. is reader supported and as an Amazon Associate, we may earn commissions from qualifying purchases.

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