Slight Technical Problem

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Jul 17, 2005
Newark, Vermont
A couple of hours ago I was doing a bit of housework and had just pulled all my computer equipment stands and tables away from the wall for a monthly cleaning (Evey time the month of August appears!) when I noticed the post reporting emails.

Well let me tell ya I sat right down and started logging in looking forward to booting another jerk trying to mess with our almost perfect world!

But life happened. My cat had been aggravating my pooch for about a half hour. Just as I was logged in and ready to start shootin' Molly had enough of the little furball and went for him.

Mitch, no dummy, went for his favorite tight spot where a 90 lb Shepherd cannot go.....except for this particular moment with everything away from the wall. Mitch was saved by the wires and I was kicked off and totally discombobulated with the tangle of wires that Molly so quickly produced.

It only took two hours, some new cabling and a replacement wall phone outlet and I think I am back together.

FInally got the smut gone. But man was that ever frustrating! Sorry for the delay, folks but we got'er done!

Ya just never know!

That sounds like something that would happen to me
Did you have any pics? Sounds like destruction derby on Saturday night!
Gee, I've shot Springfields, Rugers and Smith & Wessons' but I've never shot a canon . . .oh wait-when I was in the Army Guard I got to shoot jeep mounted recoilless rifles and 155 howitsers (sp?) Never mind . . .

Monty, glad you made it back with us!
Well, I'm happy to have brought a smile to a few faces! I really had to share this moment because it really tickled me. Just one of those things that prove that reality can be stranger, and funnier, than fiction.

GSG, when I first saw your post on that toy my thoughts were with the standard loading of the 7.62X51 NATO (.308 Winchester) with a 150 FMJBT at 2750 fps. Then I clicked on the URL you listed and realized how wrong I was! If that's a squirrel gun then you must know something I don't! When did they learn to drive APV's?

,50 BMG (British Machine Gun) pops a 750 gr pill at the same velocity as the standard anti personnel weapon for a whopping 5+ times the terminal energy!

I want one!

BTW, one of my passions is the technical side of firearms. Love to reload and have a ball at trying to perfect the old velocity vs. accuracy task. And, since I live in the woods, there is a 200 yard range right out my door! Love this place!

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