Slicers w Sharpeners

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Florida Chris

Smoke Blower
Original poster
Jul 22, 2023
For those of you with a slicer with a built in sharpener, how often do you use the sharpener?

Easy answer is "when it's dull" or "when you think it needs it". The thing is, I don't use it too often. I don't have a good feel for what it should be like vs. starting to dull. I don't want to use it too much and wear out the blade, and honestly I'm a bit scared to use it for the first time. I'd hate if something was off with the angles or something and I screwed up the blade.

I've had it for maybe 12-18 months. Used it about 6-10 times for short periods. No extensive cutting. Cleaning it today still scared the bejeezus out of me when handling the blade. I bought "cut resistant" gloves and it still started to work it's way thru those with just light contact with the edge.

So I don't think It's getting dull right now, but I don't want to wait too long before I try out that sharpener either.

As always, thanks in advance for any advice and tips, guys!!!
I've bought my Hobart slicer used... Had it for many of years... I used the sharpener when I first bought it and that was it... haven't used it since... I make sure there are no bones or anything in the meat to damage the blade... Doesn't get used to often ether tho... So the blade is still sharp now...

I agree about cleaning it and being cautious/scared ... I used it just the other day to slice some rib eyes to make cheese steaks on the flat top...
I use the paper trick. If I pull a piece of paper across it and it doesn't slice like butter its time.
That is a great idea Brian. It only takes a few seconds on the stone to get razor sharp, so I just sharpen it every few times I use it. Which is not very often these days!
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Just be aware that if the sharpener has a second stone that contacts the outer surface of the blade (the side the food is on) it is only there to remove any slight wire burr that may roll over to the front side of the blade when taking a fairly heavy cut in sharpening the blade. It should be used very sparingly and with a very light touch. The last thing you want to do is put a double bevel on the blade no matter how small. If you do wind up with a double bevel the food will drag a lot more as it passes the blade and you'll have difficulty shaving your product as in dried beef or sandwich steaks.
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Think I recall using the sharpening attachment once in about 20 years, scary stuff to deal with. Still shaves meat super thin, using it today on a ham. RAY

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