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Sirloin Roast

Discussion in 'Beef' started by smokin' j, Sep 22, 2006.

  1. Today I'm putting in my smoker a sirloin (rolled and tied) roast -- I marinated it last night in some Montreal Steak Seasoning, (OTC) and a little oil to keep it moist. Will be using mesquite to do the smoking. I'm a little concerned -- I don't want to overpower a nice cut of beef but heck, it was on SUPER SALE so I've decided to go for it.

    This is my 4th smoke and I am like an addict!! Gotta keep smoking! Everytime I go to the store my eyes wander the meat counter looking for my next quest.

    Wish me luck!
    Smokin' J
    aka Jill

    "Smoke Vault" Propane Smoker and it does me just fine.
  2. I would keep a watch on how much mesquite time you give it…you have to be careful with mesquite, it can be pretty overpowering unlike apple or oak…best of luck…better not enough smoke than too much! :roll:
  3. Ok Carl -- thanks for the tip. Now you got me scared. I've got some apple and pecan wood too -- would it be smarter to mix the wood? Go lighter on the mesquite and heavier on the apple? I like smokey but I don't want to ruin the meat.

    You brought up a good issue -- and I'd appreciate input from you or anyone who would like to share their knowledge. Taking this 4lb. roast as an example -- how long do you smoke it? And do you begin smoking the moment the meat goes in? These are the nuances I know nothing about -- I know experimentation will educate me but in the meantime, I'll take any help offered.

  4. I didn’t mean ta scare ya! Mesquite is great, I love it, but it is pungent. Now if you want that roast med rare, I’d take it to about 140°, a little more, a little less. I never cook by time, but by temperature, so you really should use a remote probe thermometer, so you don’t have to keep lifting the lid and losing heat. Sure, you can mix your wood. I use hickory and cherry all the time. And, yes you should start smoking as soon as you put the meat on, if you can. Enjoy that roast! :D
  5. I never burn straight mesquite.. Always oak/mesquite in a 2/1 ratio or so. For my tri-tip smoke i did charcoal with oak/mesquite mixed and it worked well. My father likes to burn straight mesquite and it overpowered an otherwise great brisket.

    Chris Green
  6. I'm reporting on my sirloin smoking adventures...

    Things did not go well. First, I have a probe thermometer, which has the digital read out like you talked about. It read 145 degrees and that roast was raw!! So it had to go back in -- actually I finished it off in my oven. Which comes to the 2nd thing that went wrong -- the mesquite did overpower and I almost ruined the roast. I combined it with pecan and hickory.....I have no clue what I'm doing as you can read.....but the mesquite really came out and wow! Now I know the power of mesquite!

    Anyway.....I got the thing finished off in the oven, now my house smells like the smoker (which ain't a bad thing... [​IMG][​IMG] so I go on from here.

    Thanks to all of you for the help and suggestions. Right off, I need to take that darn thermometer back to the store and get one that reads correctly!

    Smokin' J
    aka Jill
    Smokin' on Propane
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  7. tommy c

    tommy c Meat Mopper OTBS Member

    Howdy Smokin'J,
    First off, welcome to the forum! Sorry I missed your intro. Hang in there your smokes will get better 8) I use mainly cherry for my smokes. I really like the mello taste it brings to the meat. I have a maverick digital thermometer, and there's plenty of great info in the forum under thermometers. Keep your chin up! :D Tom
  8. cajunsmoker

    cajunsmoker Master of the Pit OTBS Member

    Sorry things didn't go too well Smokin J :( .

    Two things I would like to say, 1st throw your mesquite in the trash :!: That's where all mesquite belongs in my opinion. 2nd thing is be careful on probe placement. The very tip of the probe is what senses the temp. If you push it through the meat until it is near the other side, a good thermometer will still give bad readings due to being closer to the surface of the meat. I try to insert mine at an angle so as to get a lot of the surface of the probe in the meat for support but so the tip is in the center of the meat. If that makes any sense at all :roll: .
  9. Awww don't be so harsh on the Mesquite. Its a very good flavored wood in moderation. :)
  10. cajunsmoker

    cajunsmoker Master of the Pit OTBS Member

    Had to check where you are from. Yep, Texas :lol:
  11. tommy c

    tommy c Meat Mopper OTBS Member