Silly Question

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Jul 11, 2007
This is a silly question but here goes. On a remote meat thermometer does the entire probe read the temp or just the tip. The reason I ask is because tomorrow when I do my briskets I am going to wrap them in TF at about 180* then take them up to 205* before I pull them. When I put them back in, I plan on pushing the probe through the tin foil into the meat. If the foil touches the sides of the probe, will it throw off the reading? Remember, I'm a newby just tryin' to learn so don't laugh.

Mike S.
It is a Maverick E-7 (I think) It has two probes for 2 different meats, a timer and a remote. Cost me about 30 bucks on Ebay.
I use the probe is for the smoker temp, and the other one is for the meat temp... still it should be only the tip...
Mike that's not a silly question. What is silly is the folks that make those darn things don't tell you that in the instruction sheet! is reader supported and as an Amazon Associate, we may earn commissions from qualifying purchases.