shoulder blade style ribs(country)

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Feb 22, 2007
Sault Ste Marie,ON
here is my first documented adventure

2.7 lbs blade ribs

2 tbl paprika
2 tbl brown sugar
1 tbl salt
2 tbl garlic powder
1 tbl onion powder
3/4 tbl cumin
1 tbl cayenne pepper
2 tbl chili powder
2 tbl fresh cracked black pepper
1 tbl italian seasoning

i think thats it...didnt write it down so quantities could be a little

going to smoke them with some apple chips tomorrow

let us know, little lady hates gitting "dirty" eating so I always have to do some country ribs just for her when I do "real ribs" he he heheheeh but it keeps her happy......
hmmm my update disappeared...oh well... i will do it all at once

my smoker didnt come today so i had to improvise... i wanted some smoke real

had an old gas grill that didnt work,,, so i used that for some indirect heat with some lump charcoal

about 2+hrs in

getting ready to put in foil for the oven...meat is not as dark as the camera show..

thats why i cut then end off of the one in the picture... it was still juicy

in the oven now mixed with an apple juice,pineapple juice and coke mixture

beans are a close to being done... a little sweet for me (grabbed a can of maple ones), also bacon was maple smoked (on pkg it said hickory

i have been cooking country style ribs on the grill for years and have learned low and slow with those...makes them always juicy
here it is... it was very good...going to be better next time on the smoker

the missus prefers dry rubs - and i have another pack of these in the freezer..

i was really impressed with the smoke ring is reader supported and as an Amazon Associate, we may earn commissions from qualifying purchases.

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