She's old and hard of hearin' (R)

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  1. An elderly couple from Texas were traveling across country on vacation. They stopped in Oregon for gas. The attendant filling the gas tank said to the Old man, "I see your from Texas, what part of Texas do you live?" "West Texas" replied the old man. The old lady who was hard of hearing said to her husband "What did he say?" The old man said"He asked what part of Texas we were from and I told him."

    The attendant then asked the old man if they had lived there all of their life, and the old man told him that they had. The old lady asked"What did he say?" The old man told her he asked if we lived there all of our life and I told him "yes"

    The attendant then told the old man "I used to date a girl from West Texas, absolutely the worst sex I've ever had" The old lady once again asked "What did he say?" and the old man told her "He said he thinks he knows you!"
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