shakes honey brine

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Jul 3, 2005
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hi all

i did two of shakes honey brined chickens and some smoked chicken wings the honey brine was awesome i brined them whole birds for 24 hours and i injected them both with the honey brine i did the 2 birds whole using the beer can method with just water in the can the wings i smoked for three hours and basted with bbq sauce every 15-30 mins for 3 hours we ate all the wings in about 15 mins and 3 pounds of wings were gone will do more wings next time you all take care
Shake's Honey brine was the very first brine I ever tried several years ago... It s mighty good!

If it has not been posted before, here it is...

1 gal water
8 oz pickling salt (kosher salt)
1 oz tender quick
3 bay leaves
1/4 tsp gnd cloves
8 oz (1.5#) honey

Bring to boil and let cool. You can make up enough to soak whole turkey in brine for 48 hours or use to inject. By far, the best urkeys I've ever tasted!

i just brined the whole birds the wings were just smoked and and basted with honey bbq sauce that honey brine was a big hit with the guys at work the guys that robbed my nose bag really liked the chicken the trouble with smoken food everybody wants some when you go to work every one wants to know what you got and some even help themselves to your nose bag thats ok pay back is a b well you know you guys take care bye for now
I have used a similiar recipe except it called for a container of pickling spices with it. Often I can make a turkey that tastes similiar to a ham with these spices. Always gets great reviews from those freeloaners eating up my master pieces!
I modified my( R2D2),Brinkman with the info. from this site. Smoked some Poultry this morn. BOY what a difference it made for fire control and keeping an even heat. I love it. Thanks for the input of ALL on the forum. is reader supported and as an Amazon Associate, we may earn commissions from qualifying purchases.

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