sfprankster's (mis)adventures with Adult Beverages - Strawberry Liquor and Limoncello

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  1. I blame this (mis)adventure entirely on Foamheart...if not for his threads showing how to make flavored liquor, this would never have happened... [​IMG]

    The Beginnings of my Strawberry Liquor 

    Couple of clean quart jars filled with rough chopped local, organic strawberries...


    Covered with 2 cups 80 proof vodka and sealed for safe keeping...


    The Beginnings of my   Limoncello

    Only making a single quart of the limoncello...

    ...notice the built in handle to make spillage minimal... [​IMG]

    Zest of 6 fresh lemons(big thank you to those that found the dual purpose uses of the microplane file [​IMG]  )...

    Into the 4 cups of 80 proof vodka... 

    Gave a swirl like the snowglobes you see at Xmas...

    All set for the "patience" test...

    Let's see if I can keep myself(and my gf), from opening these concoctions early... [​IMG]

    We'll see how this progresses...

    Hmmmmmm, now what to do with some kumquats and rangpur limes... [​IMG]

    [​IMG]  ...more than likely the rangpur limes are probably going to be destined for some chocolate creation...  

    Kumquats...who knows for now...

    To be continued... [​IMG]
  2. jeepsjeep

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    [​IMG]looks good so far, how long do they have to sit??
  3. For the strawberry liquor, I'm going off the time Foamheart has on the how to make flavored liquor   thread. 

    I'm planning several months(4-6), total time on the strawberry liquor... 

    The limoncello, as little as 3-4 weeks... [​IMG]  

    I usually muddle the fresh berries with mint and crushed ice in a pint glass, then fill to the top with a quality vodka...
  4. Can you say "Shaken, not stirred?"

    Sure you can... [​IMG]
  5. mike5051

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    Looking good SFP!  

  6. foamheart

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    I turn the jars upside down daily. I allow the strawberries to mascerate for a week to 10 days normally. I actually  took my first 4 qt. bottles today and removed the fruit. I was amazed, it sdepends upon the fruit but I got almost 3 qts of juice. This batch is amazing sweet with no sugar so far. If you'll allow a quick hijack I'll show you.

    This is why you flip 'em or gently shack 'em daily, as the fruit gives up its juices the fruit shrinks, These 2 quarts we completely full of berries last wekend.

    See how now there is berry voids starting in the bottom of the jar, it tells you its working. This is how those two quarts ended up or down, depending upon your point of view.

    Just flip 'em over. So I ended up with 6 berry qts, and 2 pulp qts. I strained the fruit off the first 4 today.

    I am pretty happy so far.

    I like your limoncello, I tried making it with Everclear...... it took a real man to drink it....ROFLMAO!

    Its looking good. when you strain and add a little sugar, don't go overboard, you can add more, you'll wish you remembered that later.

    I am watching now.........

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  7. Thanx for the info!!!

    The berries I'm using are a small coastal variety that are extremely sweet by themselves. I got them on the soft side and very ripe. I'm noticing the alcohol is already pulling the color from the berries. A little early for much shrinkage.

    When I add the simple syrup, it will be in very small amounts, since I'm not a fan of sweets in general. I much prefer the natural flavors of the strawberries over any sweeteners. 

    The limoncello is looking good and taking on a vibrant, golden, yellow color.

    I figured I'd do a safe 'n sane version for this experiment, 80 proof is plenty of fuel for this run. I have all summer to play with variations with a much more potent vodka. My friend makes a vodka from fresh cucumbers that he tones down into the 130 proof range. More than enough to test the metal of anyone. 

    Since I'm well past my 20's, I've become fearful of anything made with Everclear... 
  8. foamheart

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    Its been a long time since jungle juice and purple Jesus parties!
  9. Anything that can mess someone up, in the tiniest Dixie cup portion, I tend to avoid nowadays... [​IMG]

    The fruit at the bottom of our jungle juice was the most dangerous...maybe it was because everyone was so hammered by the time it came near the surface... [​IMG]
  10. foamheart

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    I think that's called the wyrum theory. The drunker you get the more stupid and brave, till you exceed insanity and your body passes out to prevent any real harm.
  11. That doesn't explain the Red Bull and Vodka theory.  [​IMG]

    One gets you drunk and stupid, while the other won't let you pass out and prevent you from harming yourself.
  12. I swear I'm not an alcoholic... [​IMG]

    A few dead and wounded soldiers from our recent moving party... [​IMG]
  13. One week and still macerating...

    ...few more days should do it...

    The berries should be fully intoxicated by now, not knowing which side is up or down... [​IMG]  
  14. foamheart

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    LOL.... lookin good man
  15. halfsmoked

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    wow looking good man might have to try that our strawberry season doesn't start for at least 2 more weeks.
  16. Thanx!!!
    Strawberry season around here runs late February-November. The berry(raspberry, blackberry, olallieberry, loganberry, boysenberry) season begins soon,. As early as the beginning of June. [​IMG]  Apricots are already at the local farmer's market with the early cling peaches due in a week or two. One of the advantages to living in CA. [​IMG]

    I'm sure I'll try making different berry variations all summer. [​IMG]  
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  17. Day 14 of macerating the strawberries and lemon zest... [​IMG]

    Strawberries have lost almost all color and a noticeable amount of berry size and volume... [​IMG]

    Lookin' like I'll be straining the berries from the liquor tonight and on to the next step in the process... [​IMG]  
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  18. foamheart

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    I just did the rest of mine, you don't want to leave them till the berries are mushie and fall apart.

    I had "A" small glass last night, its wasn't very smooth yet but...................... today my head hurts and my eyes are all blurry and keep watering and I just dorta feel outta sorts. I think I am gonna like this years. But I tryed an experiment with the jug I sampled. I added more vodka when I added the simple syrup.... It'll make your toes curl!
  19. All depends on what do you consider a "small" glass, I guess?

    And what if my toes are already curled?

    Sounds like you had a sample the size of one of my muddled berry drinks/concoctions that I make in pint glasses... [​IMG]  
  20. First filtering through a fine mesh strainer with the help of a canning funnel... 

    Gotta love the flash's reflection on the liquor...


    This smells concoction soooooooo good!!! [​IMG]

    First words out my gf's mouth " Let's make a drink!" [​IMG]  
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