sfprankster's (mis)adventures with a 20 lb Prime Packer-DigiQ Test #3

Discussion in 'Beef' started by sfprankster, Jun 11, 2016.

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    There it goes again. You posted while I was looking LOL

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    [​IMG]   Shhh! Still no slice pics.
  5. From Post #17


    The point money shot...

    The flat is still resting comfortably and remains a virgin to the blade...

  6. jp61

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    I've seen those, they look great!

    Was waiting on the grand finale
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  7. Thanx!!!

    I gotta give most of the credit to the Guru!!! 

    Let me sleep through the night and maintained rock steady temperatures the entire time!!!

    All I did was the prep work... 

    ...trim the excess fat...

    ...separate the point from the flat to make it fit in my 18.5" WSM prior to the smoke...

    ...basic spog rub...

    OK, maybe I did some of the work... [​IMG]
  8. [​IMG]  

    Still a ways off...

    Gotta put my California twist into dinner...
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  9. CAUTION:  Prepare your eyes... [​IMG]

    Incoming green stuff... [​IMG]


    More dinner prep while waiting for the burnt ends to finish...
  10. Can you say "burnt ends"?


    Sauteing the rainbow chard, garlic and spring onions in a white wine reduction sauce...


    Dinner is served...

    Brisket served two ways, smoked and burnt ends...

    Roasted garlic smashed potatoes...

    Rainbow chard in a white wine reduction sauce...

    Roughin' it in the Santa Cruz mountains, sfprankster style... [​IMG]
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  11. ynot2k

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    Not trying to rain on your brisket parade, but looking closely at this pic - it appears the collagen between the muscle strands hasn't broken down and turned to gelatin.  Are you sure this is fully done?
  12. smokinal

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    Everything looks fantastic so far!

  13. jp61

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    Well, it seems as though YNOT2K's comments derailed this thread?

    Can we put it back on track and use part of it as a learning experience, if need be? 

    Is anyone on here or anywhere, perfect and knows everything? I don't thinks so. 

    sfprankster, as you know, I was looking forward to your Q-view and think you're a good cook, with or without smoke.

    The pic YNOT2K is referencing does look a bit strange to me too, if that's the right word to use. I've smoked my first and only brisket in my MES years ago when I first got into this "hobby". Let me just say that I didn't eat much more of it than a taste. The dog on the other hand wished he had some buttons. So I am of no help here, if there is a need.

    YNOT2K, perhaps you could have used different language. Not that it was anything horrible, but still...

    Many of us here know that you have a BBQ joint and it is doing well, which is a good thing.

    Could you or anyone else in the know, explain what may have gone wrong with this brisket? If that is the case.

    My apologies if this post is inappropriate.
  14. smokeymose

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    Looks pretty good to me.
  15. bdskelly

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    Awesome smoke! Great photos!  point

  16. ynot2k

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    I truly apologize if my comment/question seemed harsh - it certainly wasn't intended that way.

    Yes, I do own and operate a BBQ joint, but I don't claim to be an expert. I do, however, have quite a bit of experience smoking briskets of all grades - select, choice, prime, wagyu, etc.

    I was just wondering how it tasted?

    With a few more details I may be able to offer some constructive advice, and I would love to.

    What was your smoker temp?  How long was the entire cook?  Did you use an instant read thermometer to check internal meat temp?  If so, at what temp did the point/flat finish?  Any other details about how you determined the brisket was done?

    Collagen breaks down, in my experience, somewhere in a wide range of temperature, the lowest of which could be around 150 degrees.  But each brisket is different and gets tender at it's own temperature.  I've had briskets that are still hard as a board at 195 degrees in the flat and 205 in the point.  Cooked them longer, and they finally relaxed to a tender state - at a much higher temperature.  Some are tender at a lower temperature.  That's what makes this so difficult!

    As I said, I'd love to share whatever experience and knowledge I have.
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    Nice brisket, nice smoke. Your making me hungry now!

  18. sauced

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    AMAZING!!! Wow, nice job!!!
  19. disco

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    What a great smoke!


  20. martyj

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    Dumb question. How do you know where the flat ends and the point starts when you cut to separate the two?

    Thanks for the help

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