sfprankster's (mis)adventures in Costco-Chicken Wings on the Rusty 'n Dusty Kettle

Discussion in 'Poultry' started by sfprankster, May 4, 2016.

  1. Anyone tried these chicken wings? I ran across them a couple of days ago in the Santa Cruz Costco. I picked up a package this evening on my way into work. Decent price for wings @ $2.99 lb, around here. Organic, no hormones or antibiotics, vegetarian fed and air chilled. They come in three separate, sealed packages.


    I have one of the packages of wings in a buttermilk brine for the night, and I am going to fire up the rusty 'n dusty kettle tomorrow and see how they come out.

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    Nice score!

    I'm in!


  3. Since we're going for the crispy skin on the wings... 

    After an overnight buttermilk brine... 

    Time to remove the wings from the brine and into the dryer(fridge)... [​IMG]  

    Patted dry and placed on a wire rack and into the fridge they go... [​IMG]


    Nice color, good sized wings... [​IMG]
  4. Everyone into the rusty 'n dusty kettle over RO lump... [​IMG]

    No pushing, shoving or overcrowding... [​IMG]  

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  5. So far, great skin color on side 1... [​IMG]

    So much easier to get crispy skin on the rusty 'n dusty kettle than on the WSM... [​IMG]
  6. Now we're cookin' with fire... [​IMG]

    Light lube with a tomato, honey and roasted garlic based sauce... 

  7. Couple of minutes of direct heat to tighten up the lube...

    Lunch is served...

    Salad made with ingredients from yesterday's visit to the farmer's market...

    Fresh, organic spring mix, avocado slices, purple carrot curls, grated parmesano reggiano, with a miso dressing...

    These were what I consider finger lickin' good... [​IMG]

    As always, we're roughin' it in the Santa Cruz mountains, sfprankster style... [​IMG]  
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  8. Here we go with package #2... [​IMG]

    No brine this time around...

    Rinsed and patted dry...

    Left the wings uncovered in the fridge to dry the skin... 

    A little fresh cracked black pepper, salt, garlic, onion, cumin, coriander, paprika...

  9. Can you say "Fire in the hole?" [​IMG]

    Sure you can... [​IMG]

    All aboard for the rusty 'n dusty kettle treatment... 

  10. Flipped and working on their side 2 tan lines... [​IMG]

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    Looking good prankster!  [​IMG]

  12. smoking4fun  
    "Two awesome meals in one day...I'm jealous!"

    Thanx for the points!!!

    Actually it's a second meal added to my thread from a couple of weeks ago. Most of the time, I continue my threads if they are the same meat and using  the same cooking methods. [​IMG]  Main differences today is the not brining, the rub ingredients and a much lighter coating of my sauce(technically ran out [​IMG]  ). 
  13. Plated with an organic spring mix salad with avocado, carrots and homemade garlic croutons... 

    Gotta eat your greens... [​IMG]

    My gf's version of my smashed yukon gold potatoes and smoked onion gravy... [​IMG]

    Got her hooked on the potatoes and gravy so now she's making most of tonight's dinner...  [​IMG]

    Here we are again, roughin' it in the Santa cruz mountains, sfprankster's gf's style... [​IMG]
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    Looks good...JJ
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  15. Thanx!!!

    Wings are one of the gf's favorites!!!
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