sfprankster's (mis)adventure Making Smoked Chicken Enchiladas

Discussion in 'Poultry' started by sfprankster, Aug 14, 2015.

  1. Been a couple of months since I smoked chicken...

    ...and I have been obsessing on having enchiladas... [​IMG]

    ...so here I go again... [​IMG]

    Smoked Chicken Enchiladas

    Began with a basic buttermilk brine overnight...

    ...removed from the brine and patted dry...

    ...tossed together a traditional mexican style rub...


    ...applied liberally to the chicken thighs on all sides...

    ...began the WSM smoke treatment @ 290-300 over a combination of hickory and cherry...

    ...added a bell pepper and onion onto the WSM for the enchilada sauce...

    ...ready to be pulled after 2 hours...

    Stay tuned for Part Deux of sfprankster's (mis)adventure Making Smoked Chicken Enchiladas... [​IMG]  
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    I'm in
  3. [​IMG]Part Deux of sfprankster's (mis)adventure Making Smoked Chicken Enchiladas

    Enchilada Sauce

    Base for my enchilada sauce...



    ...cook the butter, evoo and flour together to remove the raw flour taste...

    ...add the tomatoes, onions, bell peppers and spices...

    ...don't worry about the chunks, I use an immersion blender(aka boat motor) to puree everything into a sauce...

    ...careful with the immersion blender, it has a tendency to sling sauce on the wall, your shirt and all over the stove top... [​IMG]


    ...the finished enchilada sauce... [​IMG]

    Stay tuned for Part Trois of sfprankster's (mis)adventure Making Smoked Chicken Enchiladas...

    This is where you get dirty... 
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  5. Part Trois of sfprankster's (mis)adventure Making Smoked Chicken Enchiladas

    Making the enchiladas

    Pull the chicken and set aside...

    ...crumble the cheese...


    ...foil a 13" x 9" pan(for easy cleanup)...

    ...add some sauce to the bottom of the pan...

    ...place a tortilla along the edge and fill with chicken, cheese, onion and spoon of sauce on top and roll up...

    ...didn't have any corn tortillas at home(25 mile drive to the nearest store), so I used what I had, flour tortillas... [​IMG]


    ...continue rolling enchiladas until the pan is full, cover with the remaining sauce and crumbled cheese...


    ...return the pan of enchiladas to a 300 smoker...

    ...and stay tuned for Part Quatre  of sfprankster's (mis)adventure Making Smoked Chicken Enchiladas... [​IMG]  
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  6. Part Quatre  of sfprankster's (mis)adventure Making Smoked Chicken Enchiladas...

    Final smoke of my chicken enchiladas

    After another 45 minutes in my WSM, the sauce is bubbling and the cheese is melted... [​IMG]

    ...all ready to serve and eat... [​IMG]

    ...take your time getting the first one out...


    ...a little dab of sour cream and chopped green onions...

    There you have it...

    ...sfprankster's (mis)adventures making Smoked Chicken Enchiladas...

    ...Santa Cruz mountains style... [​IMG]
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    Awesome. Points for you
  8. Thanx!!

    I was trying not to heat up the house and cook everything outside.

    Almost succeeded. All but the enchilada sauce was made on my WSM.
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    Sfprankster ,that was a fantastic looking , and worthy of the points I send you .

    I also enjoy Enchiladas but I don't roll them. I layer them as you'd do a Lazagna , works great. .

    As always . . .
  10. Thanx!!!

    Making them lasagna style would definitely be less of a mess. Rolling them, I end up wrist deep in sauce. Utensils, cutting board and counter all covered. Makes quite the mess. [​IMG]

    In the end, well worth the effort!!
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    Great post.  I love chicken or turkey enchiladas, but I've never used the smoked meat.  I WILL be now that you suggested doing so.  Thanks


  12. Anytime!!


    I can't honestly say, not all of the smoked chicken thighs made their way into the enchiladas... [​IMG]   Most of them did!! [​IMG]

    Around here, we make enchiladas quite often. This was the first time we used smoked chicken in the recipe. The flavor from the smoke was a nice addition to the enchiladas. Gave them a unique flavor profile that I haven't found in any restaurant or carnicera. Lots of grilled versions available locally.

    I will definitely be doing this version of the recipe again.
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  13. Looks great, love the idea of returning the filled .pan to the smoke. I've done them with smoked hatchs', but then just toss them together and bake. Pro-Tip!

    Was waiting for the (Mis) part, all looks pretty solid to me!

    FWIW, my current fave is smoking the double'd grinded beef for my chili. Adds a WHOLE new flavor layer.
  14. Thanx!!

    I used a combination of 5 different chili powders in the enchilada sauce. On a scale of mild to WILD!!  It was a little too spicy for my gf to eat many. [​IMG]

    It was a little over 90 here in the mountains yesterday and today, without any AC in the house. Much easier to finish them on the WSM outside, rather than heat up the house using the oven.

    The (mis) part is a tag I use to find my old threads/posts, on several different boards.

    Also a poor attempt at humor when used with my screen name. [​IMG]  
  15. These look great and as luck would have it I'm sitting on two packs of thighs I hadn't made plans for yet. As soon as the thunderstorms around here let up it's gonna be enchilada city!
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    Those look really good but I am more interested in the no AC part of the story. Is that by choice? 
  17. Thanx!!

    It's usually not hot here, only a few days a year does it get warm enough to need AC. We live on the west facing slopes in the Santa Cruz mountains, about 1280' elevation. Close enough to the ocean to receive the cooling breeze off the fog everyday. 

     I live off the grid, out in what is considered the boonies in CA, on 10 acres of redwoods, oaks and madrones. We make our own electricity(solar, generator, batteries, inverter system) and an AC unit uses more than we can produce. Not even the mailman ventures out this far. [​IMG]   My neighbors consist of the wild variety, mountain lions, bobcats, foxes, deer, 100's of bats and frogs. Along with the usual skunks, raccoons, squirrels and other denizens. When I complain of traffic, it's seeing 3-4 vehicles over 15+ miles of driving. [​IMG]  
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    Them look good - nice job!!

  19. Thanx!!

    They didn't last long around here... [​IMG]

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