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Discussion in 'Beef' started by sfprankster, Jun 3, 2015.

  1. Round 7 of my WSM (mis)adventure begins with one of my favorite cuts of beef, the tri-tip... [​IMG]  This has been one of my favorite go to meats for a fast and delicious meal on my Weber kettle over the years. With a high heat, indirect cooking method, a small tri-tip can finish in as little as 45 minutes on my kettle. This time, I'm going to smoke the tri-tip at 225-230 and finish with a reverse sear for a nice, caramelized finish. I began last night by marinating a small tri-tip in a garlic/soy/honey based marinade for today's smoke. I'm looking for a medium rare finish, so I plan on pulling my tri-tip from the WSM in the 120-125 internal temperature range. A short time over the direct heat and I should finish the tri-tip at 130-135 during the final reverse sear process. 

    The humble beginnings to today's brunch...

    A little bit of pork belly skin hiding on the lower grate, trimmed from my planned weekend (mis)adventure, smoked maple bourbon bacon. [​IMG]  
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    Well don't leave us hanging where's the sliced finished photos of that Tri Tip????

    Tri tip is our favorite roast to smoke. Just picked up a bulk pack to hold us over for a few month!
  3. I pulled the tri-tip at 130 and let it rest for 30 minutes. I used my kettle to do a quibk sear to finish.

    Couple of hours into the smoke, internal temperature of 118:

    Internal temperature of 130, 30 minutes to rest before searing. Placed onto my Weber kettle to quick sear:


    A medium rare tri-tip after searing:

    Tri-tip plated with a fresh fruit salad and toasted rice:

    Not sure which method I prefer most, cooking the tri-tip slow smoked and seared or using the indirect, high heat method on my kettle. Both turn out well. I guess the available time will be the deciding factor in the future. [​IMG]  
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  4. dirtsailor2003

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    Nice smoke! I like both ways. My wife prefers grilled no smoke.

  5. Thanx!!

    I'm kind of partial to the high heat, indirect method. On my kettle, I can run a tri-tip from start(lighting charcoal) to finish in just a little over an hour. On my WSM today, it took a little over 3 hours. There is a noticeable difference in flavor. The additional smokiness is a plus, but just not sure whether it's that much difference for the additional time involved. For me, the low 'n slow cooking doesn't drastically add much to the tenderness, since tri-tip is already very tender.

    Brisket , ribs or pork butt on the other hand... [​IMG]

    Tomorrow on the smoker agenda, a bacon wrapped pork loin... [​IMG]  
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    Looks great! They just jacked the price around me to 10.99#!😡
  7. Thanx!!

    Ouch!!  [​IMG]

    $10.99 is painful!!
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    That's what they are here in the grocery stores and Costco. Cash and Carry our local PNW restaurant supply has the choice mega pack 6-7 roasts for $4.30/# or the angus two packs for $4.45/#. Which is up from last year the choice was $3,25/#.
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    Must be nice our restaurant supply store is GFS they don't have Tri tip but at least they have ribs and brisket! Even at 4.45 it's great I thought $7.99 was a good price while they jacked it up for summer I assume. I never had any before middle end of last year I think they turn it to burger or stew meat around our parts.
  10. I'm lucky enough to have a local ranch where I can acquire grass fed beef for reasonable prices. Prices vary, but no where near $10.99/lb.
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    Very good looking Tri-Tip , doesn't look like a (mis)adventure , in fact , it looks very delicious .[​IMG]

    Keep 'em coming , have fun and . . .
  12. Beautiful   Great Job  

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    Grass fed is great! Unfortunately the only grass fed steak I ever had was at the Ranch steakhouse in Colorado which closed by the next time we were there. They even sold raw meat there as well!
  14. Thanx!!

    I've been using the "(mis)adventure" concept on several forums over the years. It comes from events that happened long ago and coincides with my screen name. [​IMG]  
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    That is a beautiful looking steak. In my opinion there is no best way to do steak but smoking is one of the better ways and this one looks terrific.

  16. Thanx!!

    The difference I found, was the total time involved. The flavor was amazing, but I can accomplish nearly the same result on my kettle, in 1/3 the time.
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    Nice job man!  I've done one in the smoker and doing one on the kettle tonight.  Thanks for the review of both.  Sometimes it feels like cheating using the kettle, but damn it does a good job doing it's thing!

  18. Thanx!!

    I have years of experience on my kettle and tri-tip is ALWAYS a favorite around here. Too easy to make it quick and succulent. I originally planned on smoking tonight's dinner, a bacon wrapped pork loin, but ran out of time, and fired up my kettle for a quick dinner. [​IMG]

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    You inspired me. I think Im going to do some chicken this weekend, but I am going to throw one of these on now too. Busy day at work so had to have an early lunch. Im starving and that Q-view made me drool! Points for sure.
  20. Thanx!!

    For me, a pork loin is another easy "go to", fast meal. I buy them in full strips and cut my own chops and mini roasts, to be used as needed. This was a quick bacon wrap around the pork loin, much more practical than fancy. If you prefer a more polished, elegant finished product, you can weave the bacon over the entire loin.

    The above image only shows the finished roast... [​IMG]  Before the roast finished, I grilled a pair of pork chops marinated in soy sauce, hoisin, ginger, garlic, green onions and sesame oil to have ready for a quick breakfast. Goes amazingly well with eggs. [​IMG]

    Here's a quick breakdown:

    SPOG + ancho rub on the pork loin. Wrapped with thick sliced, locally smoked bacon and cooked using an indirect heat high heat(450) to an internal temperature of 135. I then let it rest for 15-20 minutes before slicing and serving.

    To keep the bacon on the roast, I never turned or moved the roast during the cooking process. You can move it, once the bacon has browned and caramelized on the bottom. You do risk having it fall off the roast and through the grate, to be lost forever to the BBQ gods... [​IMG]

    Be careful following me for inspiration... [​IMG]   Some of my ideas are off the wall and made from whatever I have in the fridge and pantry. 
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