serving brisket!

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Smoke Blower
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Jul 2, 2006

I just took the brisket off the smoker and wrapped it up and put it in the cooler... I started in the middle of the night and my company isnt coming until 5:00 and we arent eating until 6:00 . will it stay warm? should i check it or leave it alone? I can always heat it up if it is too cool...

I am sooo new that i thought the brisket would be pulled like the pork for sandwiches....i see by reading on this forumns, not so... so, do i slice it and serve it with the buns and sauce?

sorry if these are silly questions!

thanks for being here!
Hello Smokemom, nice to have you here! Your brisket should keep plenty warm if insulated well enough. If you have any doubts, it won't hurt to throw it in the oven (foil wrapped, with its juices) on a nice low temperature (160-170). Slice it up and offer some warm sauce on the side as well as buns or bread. Oh, don't forget the cold beverages...hope all goes well. Submit some pictures, if you can. We would all like to see your "labor of love".
Thanks, smokemac for the words of encouragement! I just got a digital camera so i will try to figure out how to send a picture!

This is the first time for some of the guests to come to my house! My husband thinks I am nuts for trying something new like this(brisket)!!! I have done a pork butt , salmon and turkey, cut up and they turned out good! only family has eaten my smoked stuff except for the salmon..this is the first time the "general public" will be tasting!!!!
HELP! I cannot figure out how to send a picture! I tried to follow some instructions i got yesterday but i must be having a brain cramp or suffering from smoke inhalation!!!!! PLEASE ADVSE!!!!!!

Kathy feel free to post a question, PM, or email me. We'll get this thing figured out.

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