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Same as you would season a cast iron skillet.

Take a can of PAM or spray oil....spray down the inside of your smoker, avoiding the burner if it is electric or gas....and then fire it up and get the tem up to 250 - 300 and let her run for 3 - 4 hours.

Helps get rid of any residuals from the manufacturing process and sets a good foundation for easy clean-up when necessary.

Easy process - but pretty essential.

Do a search and you can get more details.....
I figured that is what it was, but wanted to make sure. This is my first time being part of a forum, so I havn't figured out all things yet. I will try a search next time before I post a question. Thanks.
The search is a convenient tool....but nobody is gonna force you to use it. Sometimes your newbie question is the same question a lurker wants to know, but is too shy to ask. It's just a great way to see if somebody had the same question once before and what the answer at that time was.

And don't be afraid to look on the rest of the web for answers. We are all pretty good smokers here, but there is a wealth of information on the web that might not be covered here.

Keep asking.....and we will all learn together.....
Sounds like a good plan! I am so excited to get going with this. I feel like a little kid. All I have been thinking about is the first smoke. It's like loosing my virginity all over again!
I know how you feel.

Take your time and think through the process...make a checklist even - and then get busy having fun.

There is a lot to do, but take the time to enjoy the journey getting there and take some pictures along the way to share with us.

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