Seasoning of Smokers

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Feb 7, 2007
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I looked, but was unable to find any info on this topic.
Just got a new WSM. Read the booklet 3 times and no where does it say it needs to be seasoned.
I've had other smokers that needed to be oiled , then heated up to a high temp to "bake" the insides. So the ? is......does a WSM need to be seasoned before the first smoke?
I would say that you should season all new smokers. I have seen them talk about it in several posts, some one will be along with the specifics.
I would agree on the seasoning of all smokers. You are gonna definitely want to fire this up and atleast burn of the coatings that the manufacture puts on the metals. As far as the grates go, if not cast iron you dont have to really worry about spraying them. Start up the smoker run to 200* to 250* for a bit making sure all of those funny smells go away.

Good luck, hope my $.20 helps

The WSM is a porcelain enamel coated smoker. It is cleaned of the "gunk" that everyone is wanting you to burn off before the coating is applied. Wash your grates in hot soapy water and enjoy your WSM.
Thanks for the info guys. Gonna fire it up today, just to experiment ( and to "clean it out") with times and temps. Oh the decisons.....what to smoke tomorrow?
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