Seasoning a new GOSM

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tundra smoke

Original poster
Jul 10, 2006
The Tundra
I need to season my new smoker and I was wondering how long I need to let it go and what temps do you run it for that first dry run?

Hi Tundra

This afternoon I recived a new big block from epod.
Put it together and put the Lp and wood in it and started to season. I have let it run for about 3 hours on low. The paint smell is gone now. Think it is ready for the real thing!
I concure. I ran mine for three to four hours. After that point I could not smell anything chemical wise so I deemed it ready :D for the real thing.

Take care,

Thanks you guys. I have the Stainless Steel model and after last nights flare up all I smell in there is hickory.

Brian, I saw your response to my other post. I'll watch for that in the future and make sure to close down the side vents and crack open the top one. I did say in my original post that the wood chunks appeared to have about 25% left but when I went out a few minutes later they were done. The flare up might have finished them off

No, I think I miss communicated or something.

Only keep the side vents closed if you have a flair up (fire spurt/temp spike). Normally I leave the side vents at 1/3 open and the top vent full on open.

Sorry if I confused you.

No confusion at all. I had the top vent pretty much wide open and the side vents sitting a little better than 50% open prior to my flare up. I'll keep those side vents closed a little more to cut down on the air feeding the wood. I am going to use a little less wood to cut down on the amount of smoke I produce. Towards the end of my test run I did have a thin blue smoke happening (just too much of it LOL)
Welcome Tundra Smoke & t242fish and congrats on your new smokers! :D :D

Tundra I have two Stainless Steel Big Blocks and just finished their semi-annually cleaning this week. I also took the liberty of drilling 24 extra holes in each of them. I drilled holes in the rails that accept the shelf brackets to allow for adjusting the food grates to more heights to accommodate various types of food. I drilled new holes in between each of the factory holes for the shelves and new holes about an inch below the bottoms ones that receive the cast iron wood box rack. So now the wood box is 1 inch lower and the water pan is a couple inches higher and I can add wood without having to pull that hot box out. Now if something doesnâ€[emoji]8482[/emoji]t quite fit I can move a rack up or down instead of having to remove it. Looks good on paper anyway, can wait to try it out.

I havenâ€[emoji]8482[/emoji]t seen any SS Big Blocks anywhere since I bought mine. Where were you able to find yours?

I dont think mine is a "Big Block" I got mine from Costco here in Canada. Mine is only 16" X 16" X 45" (with the legs on)

I pulled out the cast box and have a cake pan in there now. Adding wood isnt a problem for me.
:lol: t242fish said he had a Big Block and you said stainless steel and 2 + 2 led me to the wrong conclusion. :oops: But if it weren't for jumping to conclusions, I wouldn't get much exercise. :lol:

I started out with a black 16x16 gas model and a black 16x16 charcoal model so I know you've got a good smoker. 8) is reader supported and as an Amazon Associate, we may earn commissions from qualifying purchases.

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