Season and Marinate or Rub... or both?

Discussion in 'Beef' started by morris, Oct 8, 2007.

  1. Folks I am going to be doing my first full Brisket, Okie style, I picked up a 10 pounder today at Walmart, 1.67 per pound and significiantly cheaper than Sams club by the way. But sams did have ribs for 1.77 per pound. But I digress.

    So I was thinking can I season this like a regular piece of meat for a few days and throw it in the smoker. (salt,pepper,worchestire,garlic,onion powder and black pepper.) Or should I just use one of the Rubs I have had success with or should I do both? Can I do both? Do I want to do both?

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    I would suggest seasoning or a.k.a. putting on a rub for your first brisket using Smokie Okie style. Honestly that is all that is needed and following his method. After you have tried that, when your family and friends are impressed, then consider if you want to try a change.

    My advice is, go with what has worked for others; then tailor to your taste.
  3. THanks, I have actually done a brisket, before with Rub, but it was the flat section not the whole thing. But I do see your point for an undertaking of this size maybe I should just play it safe and use my rub, I just dont want to get burned out on the Cayenne brown sugar thing :)

    But I guess once a week or well 3 days with the leftovers that my friends dont take it isnt that bad.
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    Why change what you know works? I'd stick with your sucessful rub and get confy with the procedure first. Good luck and enjoy!
  5. yea will do, I actually rubbed it down on Monday, so it should be good and tasty by friday when I pop it in the smoker with the beans

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