Seared Tuna

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Jul 9, 2005
Santa Rosa Beach, Florida
This one is so simple and so good .... if you like seared tuna. Go to your local seafood market and get some really good sushi grade tuna (I usually get yellow fin). The tuna steak should be at least an inch thick. I like mine about one and a half to two inches.

Prepare a hot bed of coals.

Place the tuna on the grill directly over the coals for about one minute ... no more. Gas grill works just as well. Turn and do the other side the same way.


A delicious variation is to first rub or cover the tuna steak with Chef Paul Prudhomme's Magic Seasoning Blend ... Blackened Redfish Magic (available in your local supermarket or seafood store). Then sear it as above and serve ..... outstanding!!
Bill, I love seared tuna! Although I've done this on a gas grill and a charcoal grill, The charcoal seared tuna seems to have the better flavor.

Thanks for sharing.
Hi There Bill!

Here we go again!

Iv'e always said what goes around will come around. I was glad to be of assistance to you with the photo thingie and it seems you may have been helping me without knowing it. 8)

You see; From about the 2nd week of July and until the end of October (providing the hurricanes leave us alone up here in the Gulf of Maine) I am a (no s--t) Commercial Atlantic Bluefin Tuna Fisherman!

I know a thing or two about Sushi Grade Tuna!

If you would be so kind as to check out these images!

This is my vessel! yes! you guessed it ranger72!
And here is the last Bluefin I caught!

This fish weighed in at 580 pounds! The man you see in the background is the Dockmaster in Saco where we way in our fish and the vessel you see down below came out of my marina to ogle my fishie!

They are all friends of mine!

That fish yielded 374 pounds of very high sushi grade tuna and was shipped to Tokyo at $22.00 per pound.

Do the math! 8)

Please! Please! Please! Keep eating Seared Tuna!

ranger72 8)
WOW!! At that kind of price, I bet when you head out you're tempted to holler " Here, fishy, fishy, fishy"! :mrgreen:
I am indeed impressed. You're out of my league. I have a Cape Horn 27' center console boat with twin 200 HP Yamaha engines. I leave out of Destin, Fl. My best hope for good tuna is off the coast of La. It's an overnight trip but I do make it occasionally.... like in January or early February. I like to fish around the oil rigs. I've caught a few nice tunas (100 to 200 lb. Class yellow fin) but never anything like what you are into. Also, there are usually a few good Amberjack and Wahoos to be had. I have been known to take a portion of the tuna while cleaning it and simple pop it into my mouth and eat it ..... it's really out of this world! Keep a tight line and I promise to keep on searing and eating tuna.
Hey you guys!

There's nuthin shabby bout your setup Fla Bill and In my opinion Yellowfin makes about the best sushi there is.

They can be caught up here but you need to navigate out to the Gulf Stream which is about 200 nautical miles offshore from my homeport.If the weather turns snotty you are screwed :cry: And it often does up here.

The Bluefin are bigger than the Yellowfin and they come much closer to shore in the Gulf of Maine as they are chasing the schools of Mackeral, Herring and whiting which are very oily baitfish and are the primary reason that the quality of our Bluefin is so high.

And Dutch! my brother, the onliest thing I'm hollerin these days is, Oh! For the days when fuel was $1.75 a gallon :cry: :shock: :cry: 8)

And yes Wasabi paste and Soy Sauce are standard issue aboard "The ranger72" 8)

and tight lines to all....I gotta go somewhere with Mrs. ranger now but later on I will post a pic or two of Mako sharks wev'e snagged..but with them babies you need to make sure They don't snag you :shock:

ranger72 :twisted:
Ranger, Great Photo's .. I use to live in Maine and did my share of lobstering <in rockland, owls head> lotta hard work doing that for a living .. that was back in the 70's when we got 1.55 a lb at the dock for it .. Salmon and Bluefin tuna are my favorites .. :)

That is a really nice set-up you have there..makes a person envious.. and I'm sure a lot of hard work went into getting you where you are now..
I see the marina is in Saco...we usually do our vacations up around the Ellsworth area...Was stationed in Winter Harbor, for a while...made lots of freinds...still keep in contact...and visit...but now for the last few years we vac. in Old Orchard Beach...was there in July... and will be there in July again next year...if timing can be worked out.. I would be honored to at least buy you a cup of coffee..
Have you ever tried the food at a bbq place on the beach...called Denny Mikes....he has a web site also ..not too bad...
Great set-up..Good Luck..

Hi there JoeD617!

Ten Dash Four on Rockland & Owls Head! 8)

Another very beeeeeuuuutifuul piece o' Maine :D

Today the Boy's are getting $4.75 to $5.25 Boat Prices depending on whether they Like/Respect the customer. 8)

Retail prices can range from 6.99 to 9.99 a pound :shock:

depending on the size Chix, pound & 1/4, pound & 1/2 etc. You know the drill!

Of course, the beginning of the season fuel was running close to $4.00 a gallon, now its starting to get back down to around $3.00 a gallon :shock: :shock: :cry:

And there are rumors that within the next year fuel could get back down to what it was back in the early nineties...$1.42 a gallon...Oh! Please God! :lol:

We just lost one of our local fella's; a 16 foot rogue wave from Ground swells from Hurricane Helene caused his 38 foot vessel to capsize, it hit him abeam while he was tending his traps. :(

His body has still not yet been found;probably little chance of it at this point. His sternman and another crewman swam to safety and a few folks on shore were unlucky enough to witness the whole incident.

Every time something like this happens it saddens us all but those of us who choose to venture forth on the briny know the potential danger of it all.

Mrs. ranger gets paranoid whenever this happens and I generally stay home for a few days til she calms down!

Here is a link to the sad story:

You may find it of interest.


Hi There, Richard!

Navy Veteran Eh? :P

My grandfather was a Navy Lifer..32 years and My Dad served 7 years in Willy Willy Twice aboard USS WASP-CV-18. He was Chief Signalman and a Plankowner.

Old Orchard Beach is one great place to come and vacation lots to do, see, and eat.Do you stay at one of the beautiful Camp Grounds there?

The beach is about 8 miles long and in July should provide some Great Striped Bass action for you if you like to fish.Try making your way over to Huot's or Wormwood's Seafood Restaurant in Camp Ellis for some great food.The Saco Pier is in front of the restaurants and you may get a peek at one of us unloading a giant tuna or bigazz shark. :P

Skip the Coffee; Make it a Bombay Sapphire Gibson on the Rocks and you may be able to convince me to take you on a Ocean side tour of OOB and surrounding Islands. :D

Of Course; The Cocktail would have to be after the tour! Always Safety First!

As it turns out I am familiar with DennyMikes;He was one of a group of guys who hosted a BBQ Smokeoff last year in which I participated in. A friend of mine has a bigazz smoker and asked me to do the Pork Butts.

Here is a picture of his Caddilac Smoker and me busy at work! The One and Only ranger72 in the Shark shirt! :P


Sheesh; Bill

I just realized that I seem to have Hijacked your thread..I very humbly apologize! :oops: :(

OK! Thanks Bill,

There were 5 competition categories, The usual suspects, Beef Brisket, Pork Butt/Shoulder, Chicken, Ribs. And the last category was Open where the team could do anything they wanted.

We chose to do Smoked Lobster Tails, sort of indigenous to our geographical location :P

Each category contained 1st through 5th prizes...The owner of the Bigazz smoker chose 5 of his friends, one of us for each individual category, to run each category, So there were 25 prize possibilities plus an additional single Grand Prize winner for Best overall performance.

There was some big prize money involved. The top catagory paid $10,000 to the winner with lots more attractive money prizes for each additional prize level (1through 5) in every category.

The contest was allegedly run by Kansas City Barbecue Society rules and Regulations.The judges were alegedly KC Que Society Sanctioned Judges.

I was told that this was the 1st such contest ever held in the state of Maine.

There were only 25 groups which entered the contest and while very few had ever been involved in any previous similar contests all of us had extensive backgrounds and have been "smokin que" for very many years.

Very suspiciously the entire kit and kaboodle was won by various members of two teams both all of which were friends of the founder of this contest.

the other 22-23 groups (including us) did not place in one single event or prize level.

I had a ball with my fellow team mates and all the other contestants for that 36 hours we were there; But I will tell you that the resulting prize situation stunk like a chunk of raw pork butt that had been left in the Southern Arizona Sun for several days in July! :evil:

This same character that was the driving force behind this 1st contest attempted to continue on this year with even a bigger contest at Scarboro Downs Raceway and for some reason it fell on its face and he couldn't get the backing that he needed!

Gee! I wonder why? 8)

The vast majority of contestants that I talked to after the contest was over felt that the whole deal had been corrupted.

I have been cooking que for a long time and I will continue to cook it for a long time but I will not be entering any contests that this jerk even comes close too.

This is not sour grapes on my part but just plain old "Mainer DownEast Common Sense"! :P 8)

" So Mrs. Lincoln; Other than that, How did you enjoy the Play?!" :roll:

ranger72 :)
I promised a few more pics of sharks and such...

here is a little Porbeagle Shark that came to a pitchbait we had going while fishing the Sturdivant Island Tuna Tournament!

He was last years pup but his choppers are like chainsaws! :P

He was a catch and release...Sharks need to be 54" long for it to be a keeper.He was only about 32" long. :) He kept hangin around my boat all day lookin for a free meal :P

He doesn't know how close he came to becoming the meal! :lol:
Here is a Bigazz Mako Shark we caught last year just about this time of the year.

He was 7'8" long and weighed just under 300 pounds. No where near as big as a Giant Tuna but 5 times more deadly! :shock:

Make no mistake about it kids! These critters can kill you very easliy if you don't know what you are doing or even if you do and you have your head up your "Donkey" when you bring them to leader at "Boatside" :shock:

They can can attain swimming speeds of up to 60 MPH for short distances and can swim at 40 MPH all damn day long.. :)
Same critter at boatside "raisin hell!

This was just before I layed the flying Gaff into his Gill Cage.

OTBS # 14
Here is a Big Female "Blue Dog"

Approximately 11 1/2 feet long weighing approximately 380 maybe 400 pounds.

Note the length from the tip of snout to the leading edge of the dorsal fin is close to 6 feet and note the length of the Pectoral fins are almost 5feet long.

This is a reaaly big Blue shark! is reader supported and as an Amazon Associate, we may earn commissions from qualifying purchases.

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