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Discussion in 'Charcoal Smokers' started by potatoc, Dec 8, 2007.

  1. potatoc

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    Building a charcoal/wood fired smoker using the two 55 gallon drums method found on here. Want to make sure all my welds are sealed up, door openings, etc... Any tips greatly appreciated.. Anyone had luck gluing down that heat rope and having it stick without having to build a channel for it?? (don't know all the technical terms but checked it all out the other day in the stove section of the local hdw)

  2. morkdach

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    i sealed mine with a high temp type rtv and stove rope round and flat lasted about 2+ years then i welded some flat strap in doors works just as good see pic. have one welded on bottom of top door. this is when i replaced all rope.
  3. packplantpath

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    Did that smoker serve a former life as a hot water heater?
  4. iso

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    I used exhaust gasket material to seal up my horizontal smoker betweeen the smoke chamber to fire box and the top & bottom of the firebox. Working great so far.
    Have not been able to get the rope gasket to stick to it yet regardless of the type of glue I have used. Tried using flat rope to seal the firebox & smoke chamber lids to no avail. Thought about using rivets at one point. Gave up when the weather turned.
  5. ikebbq

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    I've heard a few people on here say they have used a gasket to seal up between the firebox and cooking chamber. I'm confused as to what you are sealing up. Can anyone explain this one to me.

    Also I saw a post a while back about someone using high temp sealer to create a seal around the cooking chamber lid by putting the sealing on the lid and putting vaseline on the chamber so that the sealer only sticks to the lid. Anyone out there that has done this to any success?


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